Can I ask you a question first?

Are you an athlete?

If so then you’re in a different category and what I am about to say may not apply to you.

For everyone else including me, I’m going to share the secret to easy weight loss results.

The most important part about any type of training is CONSISTENCY.

It doesn’t matter…

…if you go and smash the gym for 2 hours using every machine

…run a marathon

…cycle up hills

…complete the toughest circuit class ever

It really doesn’t matter if you only manage to do it now and again, or even worse just once.

Sometimes the reason we only ever do these kind of activities once is because once is enough :p

I done tough mudder twice the first time was fun, the second was hell and the 3rd will never happen.

What do you think is better training consistently every week or intermittently every time you get the urge to get off your ass?

It’s a no brainer…

Here’s a little secret that not many people know about, to train consistent make it easy.

Small consistent steps trump inconsistent leaps.

I think the misconception comes from social media and the stupid quotes you see.

Almost everyone who gives up an exercise programme has pushed themself too hard.

They work beyond their capabilities, feel sick and then cant walk for days after.

What do you think happens when it comes round to the next session?

They dread going, associate exercise as some form of medieval torture, and certainly want to give up.

How can that be good for you? (hint it’s NOT)

How does this sound for a change…

You do a little bit more activity than you would normally, you actually feel like you still have something left in the tank and could do more.

Your not sore the next day…

You don’t feel sick or out your depth.

It’s kinda fun and not as bad as you first thought.

Instead of dreading the next session, you’re excited.

Does it sound reasonable?

So here’s a cool way to scale and set yourself up to WIN.

Start off with something super easy that you know YOU can do without even trying.

(if you haven’t ran for years, then maybe running can wait)

Let’s use walking as it’s something everyone can relate to and scale.

It might be as simple as walking round the block.

To start I wouldn’t go too far and keep the distance low.

Set your timer on your phone for 20 mins, at the 10 min mark turn around and come back.

This will be your route, and its ideal if its a loop.

At first your gonna feel like you can do more and that it’s too easy (be patient and trust the process).

You can scale up by timing yourself the next time, same distance and you already know you can do it.

So you walk a little faster (no running yet) and just try and beat your time each week.

Start with 2-3 walks each week, build up slowly and then increase the distance after 3-4 weeks.

Be careful not to increase the distance too much, a good way to increase the distance and check your progress is set your timer for 20 mins again and see how much further you get.

Thats your new route, rinse and repeat for another 3-4 weeks.

Depending on your starting point after about 3-4 months of consistent walking and speed walking you will be ready to jog.

The key is to build up slowly be consistent and always ensure you’re working within your capabilities.

That’s just a quick example to get you ready to run, it might take 6 months but imagine how you will feel during the journey?

You will see huge progress, stay injury free while also ensuring you are consistently training.

The same process can be applied to any activity and training, start off with something you know you can do easy and just add a little each time (it’s called progressive overload).

Now compare to how most people try to do it…

They get super motivated and go all out, having not been active for months or even years they try to run around the local park.

Or they join the gym and go to some Metafit or Insanity class.

I know what sounds INSANE to me.

Remember going all out for better results only works if you can be consistent (hint it’s impossible to do both).

Slow and steady progress not only makes the journey enjoyable it will bring you results that you can easily maintain.

Say goodbye to feeling like a failure and say hello to constant progress and always winning.

At Reactive we use similar methods when it comes to nutrition, and always scale and match the programme for our members so they are always winning.

Try it, what have you got to lose ;)