Why women should lift weights……heavy ones ;)

“I don’t want to lift weights coz I’ll end up looking big and bulky”

There are a lot of myths surrounding women lifting weights.

I know for a fact that they wont make you big and bulky, and certainly losing weight isn’t just all about cutting the junk.

I started weight training 3 years ago, I’m heavier in weight than I used to be, but I’m half the size I used to be.

And a million times stronger.

My body is healthier, stronger, and in better shape than it was in my teens.

Yeah the change in the diet made a massive impact but if didn’t lift the weights, id be jiggly all over.

No one wants to be jiggly right?

So why is it so important for women to be strong?

First and foremost – FAT LOSS.

The more muscle a woman has, the more calories she will burn.

Muscle speeds up your metabolism.

Being strong makes everything so much easier.

That furniture you needed help to move?

Well you can go ahead and move it yourself.

Or if you decide to walk to the supermarket because it’s a nice day, you are able to carry all those bags on the walk home instead of calling for a lift.

Talk about moving furniture, I have 2 young girls, who have bunk beds.

One day I decided that to switch my room with theirs.

At midnight.

Who do I call for help at midnight to shift a set of bunk beds??

No one, I shifted them myself, because I was strong enough to do so!

I had the biggest smile on my face afterwards.

Proud as punch.

What about your confidence?

I personally think strong ladies exude a confidence that is intoxicating.

I believe it comes from you knowing that you can achieve pretty impressive feats in the gym.

Because you know that you can tap into your inner strength and it radiates.

If you can smash it in the gym, you can smash it in life.

Why wont you get big and bulky?

Hormones – women simply do not process the level of testosterone needed to support a bulky muscly figure.

Those women who do appear to have that type of physique will probably be supplementing with hormones.

Ask any bodybuilder (those who want to look big and bulky) and they will tell you that gaining muscle is not easy, even as a guy.

You will not turn into She-Hulk just because you are doing heavy squats.

But you will end up with a butt that Beyoncé would be jealous of.

Happy Lifting, Maria x