Shannon First Challenge6 Week Challenge Results

These Are Just Some Of Our Members Results From Our 6 Week Challenge*

Carragh Squat

These Are Just Some Of Our Members Results From Our 6 Week Challenge*

Allison Squat

These Are Just Some Of Our Members Results From Our 6 Week Challenge*


These Are Just Some Of Our Members Results From Our 6 Week Challenge*

Annie Bennet

“This for me has been one of the best experiences! I feel more fit and healthy and energised than I have in a number of years. One of the most important things for me is that it feels personal.

I have been pushed and supported in equal measure!”*

Laura Couts

I did the trial with Reactive Training and loved it. I’ve never seen such a change in my body in such a short space of time, and what’s more I actually enjoyed it and only did 3 x 45 minute classes a week to see these results. The classes are so varied, every class I went to was different, and they were good fun, and I was pushed to work harder than I would if I attempted to train on my own. You are given guidance on nutrition and the group are encouraging and supportive and you share your meals which helps you stay on track. Robert has done a great job and I would highly recommend Reactive Training to anyone.*

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Lynsey Gillespie

“I spotted Reactive Training on Facebook when I was feeling very down and upset with how I looked and felt. It took a while for me to sign up as I was very nervous to start and I knew I had lots to do when it came to my fitness, nutrition and my self confidence!! I was very scared on the first morning but the minute I arrived everything changed. I met the coaches and the other ladies who were just as worried as me! Since then I have improved my eating, lost inches, lost lots of body fat and I have also made friends and feel much better about myself. In this last month I have achieved more than all the other years of slimming clubs put together. It feels, right now, like the best thing I’ve ever done so thank you!!”*

Lis Lost Over 42lbs, 14% Body Fat and 4 Dress Sizes Down

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Lorraine Buckley

Thoroughly enjoyable experience. I love the atmosphere of class and everyone involved is very encouraging and positive. Robert and Maria are nothing like other trainers I’ve experienced in the past, this is a whole new happier experience. You are never alone, if you’re not sure about something all you have to do is ask on Facebook and you’ll be helped out. The fitness and nutrition really do work hand in hand but it’s just so much better when you’re actually having fun doing it instead of going to the gym or weight loss classes.”*

Claire McLeay

Reactive Training is different from anywhere else. Robert and Maria really take the time to make sure you are learning the technique of every exercise correctly. They push you to do your very best and cheer you on as you progress. They are on hand any time of the day to answer any questions or queries you may have and are always there to guide you on your nutrition. The encouragement from other members is incredible and you will leave each class feeling awesome. I highly recommend Reactive Personal Training to women of all shapes and sizes.. You’ll love it :-)*

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Woman smiling at camera in Glasgow gym

Karen McParland

I can’t believe how much fitter I feel for joining, I have completely changed my lifestyle, joining in with the kids when they’re doing stuff rather than watching.  I remember the first morning I was at class I couldn’t jump! I felt so sick afterwards, I never want to go back to feeling like that again and I feel very proud of myself for coming so far“*

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Ann Mathieson

“I believe I will get where I want to be if I just keep going and stick to the advice given.

I already feel different physically and am excited to see what I look and feel like next January after a year at RT.

I know if I hadn’t started this I would likely be at least 10lb heavier and increasingly less motivated. I’m feeling better than I have in a long time & confident that I will get to where I want to be!!”*