Hyrox is a worldwide fitness race that’s all about giving gym enthusiasts a fresh new challenge. They mash together functional strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and endurance training into this one race. It’s basically a test to see how well-rounded your fitness game is, in a totally unique way that nobody’s really tried before.

  • Hyrox training is a great way to challenge yourself, no matter your current ability

  • Reactive Training is an official partner gym for Hyrox training

what is HYROX training?

Have you ever wondered what Hyrox is all about? We’ll take you through the ins and outs of Hyrox, the exciting sport that’s taking Glasgow by storm.

Hyrox is a dynamic and challenging fitness competition that combines functional exercises and endurance racing. It’s designed to test your physical and mental capabilities across a range of activities, including running, rowing, and various strength exercises.

Why Choose Hyrox?

Hyrox offers a unique fitness experience that’s suitable for athletes of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just looking for a fun and effective way to stay in shape, Hyrox has something to offer. It promotes teamwork, camaraderie, and personal growth, making it a standout fitness choice in Glasgow.

Hyrox Events in Glasgow

Want to get involved? Discover how you can participate in Hyrox events and competitions right here in Glasgow. Whether you’re looking to compete or simply want to be part of a supportive fitness community, Reactive Training Gym has you covered.

Hyrox Training at a Hyrox partner gym – Reactive Training Gym in Glasgow

Reactive Training is an official Hyrox Partner Gym and our personal trainers can kick-start your journey with a Hyrox race. It’s a sports race that combines running and eight workouts.

Hyrox training offers a combination of strength & conditioning so fits perfectly with our programming and compliments everything we do at Reactive.

It’s also really accessible to everyone and we have members of all ages taking part from their 20’s to their 60’s.

Our experienced trainers and top-notch facilities make us the ideal choice for anyone interested in embracing the exciting world of Hyrox.

Join us at Reactive Training in Dalmarnock, Glasgow to get started with Hyrox – no matter what current level of fitness you’re at right now.

What do you do in HYROX TRAINING?


“Reactive Training for me has been one of the best experiences! I feel more fit and healthy and energised than I have in a number of years. One of the most important things for me is that it feels personal, nothing like just going to a fitness class. I have been pushed and supported in equal measure!”


“I signed up for the 6 week challenge and I can honestly say it has lead to a dramatic change in my and my family’s lifestyle. I have to say I was wary as I have joined gyms in the past and have often felt abandoned with no clue what to do. However Robert and John are excellent coaches who guide you through how everything works and encourage you to work at your maximum all the time. I have managed to lose over 15lbs and have signed up to continue this adventure for next six months. Can’t wait to get going again!”


Challenge Results

“I hate the mainstream gym’s and get bored easily but Reactive Training is different and I actually look forward to going. The girls who go are so welcoming and there’s a great team spirit. The coaches have been so supportive and after just 4 weeks I feel great. Long may it continue. Thank you Reactive Training.”


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