September 2015

Bacon Milkshake Anyone?

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Double Cheeseburger and fries, with a Bacon milkshake please? Make it a large. The Reactive coaches spent the weekend in London on a training course. Learning about why strength matters and bettering our techniques on the kettlebells with quite a few workouts and tests thrown in. We had done this type of thing before so [...]

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The Secret To Lasting Weight Loss Results…

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Can I ask you a question first? Are you an athlete? If so then you're in a different category and what I am about to say may not apply to you. For everyone else including me, I'm going to share the secret to easy weight loss results. The most important part about any type of training [...]

What Is Strength?

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Is it doing 20 press ups in a row? Running 10k in 45 minutes? Completing a marathon with a muddy obstacle course thrown in and pushing your body to its ultimate limits? What about the strength of your character? Willpower and the strength to keep going whatever the side effects may be? Strength surrounds every [...]

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Kelly’s Story…

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So I Thought He Was Dying... When I think of the many different Reactive Training “things” I’ve taken part in over the last 11 months, there’s one question that I’ve been asked over and over again. It’s not the usual “so how much weight have you lost?” and it’s not the polite “so how long [...]

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Sometimes Even I Can’t Be Arsed…

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Do you ever feel like what's the point? Come 5pm or later you get in from work and you just feel totally drained, the last thing you want to do is any exercise... You might think I am some sort of fitness freak who lives in the gym and absolutely loves training 24/7. You would [...]

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