Reactive Training will be bringing it, with the official Insanity Training Class.

Yep you heard it here first, Reactive Training is going INSANE.

From next month we will be delivering the brand new INSANITY workouts as part of our awesome bootcamp.

You have heard of INSANITY?

It started off as a home DVD workout by Mr Sean T and as the name suggests the workout is INSANE.

It uses max interval training which is a form of high intensity interval training, only much tougher.

Most interval training has a really high intensity for a short time from 5-20 seconds with a large recovery period of up to 60 seconds.

INSANITY flips it, so you work max intensity for 60 seconds with only a short recovery before starting again.

As you can imagine its very demanding, but gets INSANE results.

Don’t worry even for the newbies and beginners all the exercises have variations and no matter what your level you can still take part.

The exercises all use body weight which means we can take the class absolutely anywhere, which leads to our next bit of news.

From next month we will be back in the park, yep Reactive Training in the park will initially just be every Saturday in April, moving to Wednesday & Saturday in May.

INSANITY in the park will be amazing, the exercises are great and the energy from the class will give you the extra push to smash it.

I have my very own copy of all the INSANITY workouts and can honestly say they are awesome, I used to wake my neighbours by doing in my living room most mornings before work.

So obviously Im super excited to be bringing the official workouts to YOU, we will be 1 of the first in the UK to be delivering this type of training.

Imagine doing INSANITY with your current heart rate level projected onto the wall on our 120″ screen?

Yep we will be using our heart rate monitors to make it even more INSANE.

Remember “Train Insane or Remain the Same”

Robert “INSANE” Clarkson