What is an ATHLETE?

I love how Bill Bowerman (the Nike founder) describes an athlete: “If you have a body, YOU are an ATHLETE”

Do you have a body?

So from now on lets think of ourselves as an athlete because athlete’s “DON’T DIET & EXERCISE, THEY EAT AND TRAIN”

Do you want to feel as strong as an athlete?

Do you want to look as athletic and toned as an athlete?

Then we got to start behaving like one, again from NOW on you are an EVERYDAY ATHLETE.

I’m gonna let you into another little secret athlete’s cant perform without the correct fuel.

YEP I’m going on about nutrition again, and yes athletes will have different nutritional needs but…

Athlete’s eat for their desired goal, and so should WE.

Wan’t to lose weight?

Gain weight?

Increase muscle mass?

Then we have to eat according to our desired goals, there is not a 1 size fits all nutrition plan for everyone.

Sure we can have a lose guide like the Reactive Nutrition plan but this should be tailored to YOU depending on your goals.

Looking to lose weight? Then less cheat meals, processed foods, grains and sugars.

To start it’s a little trial and error while you are learning what works best for YOU.

Read over the Reactive Nutrition plan again and use the guidelines to formulate YOUR very own nutritional habits.

Stuck with anything? Then hit me up on Facebook to ask any questions you may have :)

Ill be sending more info your way on nutrition over the next few weeks, our goal is to educate and give you the lifelong skills to use and share ;)

Robert “ATHLETE” Clarkson