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Are You Fed Up:

  • Making the classic weight loss MISTAKES
  • Only being able to wear a few different outfits
  • Avoiding your reflection in full length mirrors
  • Wasting money, time and energy on DIET plans and weight loss gimmicks
  • Wishing you were slimmer, smaller, fitter
  • Not being strong enough to do everyday chores without pain
  • Feeling EXHAUSTED, emotional and fed up about your body

How About:

  • Discovering FUN ways women can exercise for weight loss
  • Never second-guessing food choices again
  • Finally finding an exercise class you LOVE
  • Understanding how to cook, shop and even eat out for fat loss
  • Being the one in your friendship group who has this weight loss thing nailed!

Wanna Know What Our Members Have To Say?

“Reactive Training for me has been one of the best experiences! I feel more fit and healthy and energised than I have in a number of years. One of the most important things for me is that it feels personal, nothing like just going to a fitness class. I have been pushed and supported in equal measure!”
“I can’t believe how much fitter I feel for joining, I have completely changed my lifestyle, joining in with the kids when they’re doing stuff rather than watching. I remember feeling sick at the thought of exercise, I never want to go back to feeling like that again and I feel very proud of myself for coming so far”
“I hate the mainstream gym’s and get bored easily but Reactive Training is different and I actually look forward to going. The girls who go are so welcoming and there’s a great team spirit. The coaches have been so supportive and after just 4 weeks I feel great. Long may it continue. Thank you Reactive Training.”