Did you know I work in education?

I still teach part time at a local college in Glasgow.

Teaching fitness mostly and occasionally some sports coaching.

Just incase you’re anything like my mother who thinks teaching fitness is about jumping about in spandex and sports coaching is just kicking a ball around, there’s a bit more to it 😉

Not everyone who works in education values it…


Not only do I value teaching, I value continuing education and my own personal development.

For example in 2015 I have done something every single month, a course, workshop or conference to enhance my own education.

This past weekend I was at the Strength Matters Summit in London.

It’s kind of a workshop and conference merged into 3 days.

Friday was a masterclass by Jill Miller on her Yoga Tune Up Role Model methods.

It involved rolling around on the floor using yoga therapy balls.

It’s rubber squidgy balls of various sizes, the theory is about finding your body’s blind spots and tension.

You use the balls to release and roll out areas of your body to increase range, improve performance, remove tension and reduce aches and pains.

It was really interesting and a great insight into the self care side of fitness.

I now have some more torture techniques to practice on myself, a DVD to keep me right and a few new balls to play with :p

Saturday and Sunday involved a mixture of workshops and lectures from industry leaders in various fields.

We had a current olympic 400m athlete, a PHD in Osteopathy, Ex special forces, Strength Coaches and even the editor of the world’s biggest fitness blog all speaking.

The content was varied and covered many different aspects of training, recovery, assessment and even business.

Combine this with spending 3 days with over 60 other coaches, trainers and peers.

The 3 days were awesome and a great opportunity to network, learn and develop all aspects as a coach.

One of the toughest things about these kind of trips / summits is what to do with all the information.

Do you know what I mean?

Like you get so overwhelmed with loads of ideas, information and your head feels all fuzzy?

So I like to use the common sense approach…

Does it sound legit?

Does it make sense to me? (is it simple to understand)

Is it reasonable to do? (meaning that it fits into your current life and is not too extreme)

If the answer to any is no then maybe it’s time to focus on other stuff :p

There was a load of cool things at the summit but some of them just didn’t make sense and weren’t applicable for me at this time.

So they go in the good to know section of my brain and the stuff that seems super simple, makes sense and I can use straight away gets my attention.

That’s the key to developing and improving, focusing on the stuff that MATTERS and will make the biggest impact for you NOW.

The other stuff might be something to revisit in the future but for now stick to what’s going to give you the best return on your investment (time).

It’s the same when it comes to weight loss, there is so much information out there how do you know what’s best?

Don’t eat carbs…

Don’t eat fat…

Don’t eat meat…

Drink shakes…

Don’t do cardio…

Do lots of cardio…

Do fasted cardio…

Do HIIT training…

Lift weights…

Drink Coffee…

Don’t drink coffee…

Put butter in your coffee…

Jeezo that’s just off the top of my head and it’s hurting my brain lol

So I’ll repeat how to tell if it’s bullshit or not…

Does it make sense to YOU?

Is it simple?

Is it reasonable to do?

Has it worked for anyone else you know?

If it sounds too good to be true…

You already know the answer 😉


P.S Our next super simple, reasonable weight loss trial that has worked for hundreds of women starts next week 😉