I know I promised to do a blog every week for 2017, but I’ve got a good excuse…

First let me give you a quick update on my #1000milechallenge

Total Runs = 2

Total Miles = 4.8 miles

Weeks To Go = 50

Miles To Go = 995.2

Target Miles = 20 / week

I was away on holiday over New Year for week 1, plus I had the man flu (just recovering) and then I got toothache while away that just got worse and worse.

Yesterday I spent around 4 hours at the dentist, getting root treatment and a filling, and my credit card violated :p

What I’ve learned was that no matter how good your intentions are, something can always get in the way.

I had signed up for a challenge, had set my start date for January (just like you wait till Monday), and in my mind was raring to get stuck in.

I wanted to get going but at the same time I honestly couldn’t be bothered starting, it was like the angel v devil on each shoulder.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, I wasn’t as fit and was going to suffer (in more ways than 1).

There was this 1 quote that kept coming in to my head…

“You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, You Have To Start To Be Great”

I knew that all I needed to do was just get the first run in the bag, so I pulled on my big boy pants and just did it.

2.2 miles (3.5km) and I was blowing out my arse, coughing, spluttering and struggling to breath and if I’m honest hated every minute all 20 of them ha ha

Walking back to the house I was so fricking chuffed, just glad to actually get the train moving and it set me up for the week…

It sounds so cliche but the key to any goal is just starting, my 1000 miles seem literally miles away but it started with that first mile and first run.

The second run wasn’t much further but felt a little better (was still horrible), but I’m starting to rack up the sessions and did my first strength session today.

Thats x3 sessions in the bag and I’m feeling great, I didnt push it hard I just focused on getting the work done at a reasonable effort rather than going all out, that way I can recover and be more consistent.

I’ll fit another 2 runs in this week and should hit 10 miles for the week total.

This is by no means anything crazy and it’s pretty tame in terms of mileage, some people have done over 60 miles already in the challenge – WTF?

My point for today is whatever your goal is just get started, yep you will probably be uncomfortable, sore and hate it to start but believe me staying exactly where you are will be more painful in the long run and if you stay CONSISTENT it WILL get easier ;)

Thats all for now troops, before I go would love a share and if you haven’t done so already you can sponsor me – I’ve got my first event in 2 weeks a 10k ha ha


Rab x

P.S. If you wan’t involved in any of the events just holler ;)