Do you ever feel like what’s the point?

Come 5pm or later you get in from work and you just feel totally drained, the last thing you want to do is any exercise…

You might think I am some sort of fitness freak who lives in the gym and absolutely loves training 24/7.

You would be wrong :p

Just like you sometimes I can see it far enough…

But over the last 2 years I have formed the habit of punching the clock and my mindset has totally changed about training.

I used to stay motivated for a few weeks then stop for a few weeks and then repeat.

I could never nail the consistency part and make training a habit like brushing my teeth.

Let me explain a little more.

Wasn’t too long ago I done some jobs I hated.

Even if I liked the job I still always would have the occasional bad day.

But It never stopped me from going to work.


Because I needed the pennies, it was a case of just punching the clock and going through the motions.

Get the day done and dusted and tomorrow was another day (hopefully better).

So even when I get the feeling that I can’t be arsed training or working out I adopt the same mentality.

I punch the clock, It might not be pretty, I might not work as hard but I still get a return on my investment.

Which leads me to the next important point.

Think of working out, exercising, training or whatever we are calling it as an investment.

Bit like saving up for a rainy day or a pension.

You put a little by from your salary each month, for when the time comes to retire and live off your savings.

The more you save the bigger the pot and the more you will be able to do.

Now this is absolute gold dust, because if you fail to invest in your health it wont matter how much money you have saved.

If you invest a little time most days, being reasonable and working on your health, fitness, strength, movement or again whatever you want to call it.

The return on that investment will be like you’ve won the lottery.

What you put in now will lay the foundations for your future quality of life and how long you have.

I don’t know about you but since my daughter was born my outlook on my own life expectancy has changed.

I not only want to live long I want to be fit and active.

Just the other week I was on a course with a young lady Anne who does Crossfit.

We where learning strongman lifts, like flipping tyres, lifting kegs, farmers walks, atlas stones etc.

She was absolutely inspirational and looked fantastic.

Her age was 72 years young.

Honestly I have seen women in their 50’s who look older and cant move.

The cool thing is she never started until she was in her 60’s and decided to make an investment which has paid her back big style.

So if like me your mother used to tell you to save up for a rainy day, and you used to think why?

Take a leaf from Anne’s book and start investing some time in getting better.

Even if you don’t feel like it, do something, anything as it all counts.

SCALE the activity so if you really can’t face the class or session go for a walk around the block.

Do some stretching, anything to get you started.

Unlike some pensions your gambling with your money, this is a no lose gamble.

Whatever you invest you will get back tenfold 😉

What are you waiting for :p


P.S. The other day I really couldn’t be arsed, so I put my walking shoes on to go to the shops and once I was out I ended up doing more than I thought.

P.P.S I also felt 1 million times better for actually doing something, remember you only regret the workouts you never do 😉

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