Double Cheeseburger and fries, with a Bacon milkshake please?

Make it a large.

The Reactive coaches spent the weekend in London on a training course.

Learning about why strength matters and bettering our techniques on the kettlebells with quite a few workouts and tests thrown in.

We had done this type of thing before so we kind of knew what was in store for us.

Arriving late on the Thursday night, we decided to head to the 24-hour supermarket and get stocked up on some ready to go meats, veg and fruit, water and little snacks to keep us going throughout the day.

We spent a small fortune; mind you we got free bags.

Early rise on the Friday morning, 7:30 start.

We were knackered, very little sleep, but we powered through, grabbing breakfast in the hotel, cup of coffee and ready to start.

The first of the testing was to be done before lunch.

200 single hand swings with a 24kg kettlebell in 10 minutes! (thats a lot BTW)

A quick munch on the strawberries and chicken we bought and it was time to step up to the bell.

The nerves were rattling; stomach churning, heart racing and we hadn’t even started yet! 3, 2, 1, SWING!!

We all smashed it!

Lunchtime arrived.

We had loads of food left from our shopping trip.

Without a second thought, we headed to the town Centre and into one of the restaurants.

A burger joint.

I ordered a double cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake, and yes they put bacon in their milkshakes! (Got to get the protein up)

You might be thinking surely that’s not the best thing to be eating when you’re training.

Especially when we had the rest of the afternoon ahead of heavy exercising.

We ended up eating there a couple of times over the weekend as well as eating out at a couple of other places roundabout.

The thing is, when we are back home we don’t normally eat burgers and fries or chicken with chips, rice and bread, followed by ice cream and a glass of wine.

We were constantly swinging, pressing, snatching, and moving heavy kettlebells around for 8-9 hours a day.

God only knows how many calories we burned.

We had to refuel our bodies.

A couple of ready cooked chicken pieces and strawberry slices just weren’t going to do the job.

And we enjoyed every mouthful!

But now we are home and just about walking like normal humans again, we will be leaving the burgers and fries for another occasion.

So my point is really that don’t deprive yourself of the things that you really like.

Know that you can enjoy the “guilty” foods and drink and stay on plan.

Working them into your daily habits.

Knowing the best times to have them and when to leave them for another day.

Everything in moderation.

Maria “hamster cheeks” Campbell X