Only 15 days till the big jolly fat man comes, and no, I’m not talking about the Kevin Bridges Christmas special…

Santa is coming, and there is only 14 shopping days left ;)

To help you out, I have put together some great gift ideas that will help you reach your goals in 2015 (yes theres more than 12)

I’ve put in price order, so depending on how well you have behaved this year, there is something for everyone ;)

Withings Aura £249.95

Never get out of the wrong side of the bed again, with this state of the art bedroom system to track and improve your sleep from dusk till dawn.

The most expensive gadget on the list but defo my favourite, please Santa I’ve been good ;)

Withings Smart Body Analyzer £129.95

The Smart Body Analyzer measures weight, body composition, heart rate and air quality, it can also link to your smart phone so you can keep track of your progress.

Nutri-Bullet £99.99

This is the ferrari of the blending world, Nutribullet is the super food extractor that completely breaks down your food to get all the essential nutrition! Dont juice it, dont blend it extract it!

(they have a special 2 for 1 xmas offer)

Fitbit Charge £99

What can I say about Fitbit that I haven’t said already? Simply the best activity tracker on the market, they have only gone and made it better by adding in a watch, caller ID and longer battery life.

We recommend that all our members use Fitbit, because it works ;)


Vivobarefoot Trainers £90

I am always asked about training shoes and which are the best? Personally for training (not running) I love Vivo’s they are designed to be minimilist meaning its like training in your bare feet.

I have a few pair myself and Santa is bringing a pair for my daughter, don’t tell her ;)

Reactive Training Gift Voucher £70

Now you can give someone the gift of Reactive Training, 4 weeks to come along and try out what we do…

Just drop me an email at [email protected]

Monster Sport Headphones £49.99

You have probably heard of Beats the huge headphones you see everyone wearing, well these little guys are from the same company only better and half the price.

They are designed for sport and are sweat and waterproof, ideal to listen to some music while out walking to get your steps up.

Boxing Set £35.50

This is the exact set we use at Reactive, comes with gloves, pads and skipping ropes so you can train like Rocky in the comfort of your own home.

Remember float like a butterfly sting like a bee ;)

Wolverson 16kg Kettlebell £33

Ever wanted a home gym? With a kettlebell you have everything you need to workout at home, most of our members have their own to practice with and complete their homework, combine with the SWING book and you have a winning combo ;)

TDT Xmas Bundle Bath Salts, Recovery Spray & Free Shaker £32

Sometimes exercise can be tough, our muscles ache and we feel a little tender and sore…

With TDT recovery bath salts and spray, make discomfort and pain a thing for the rookie trainers, you even get a FREE shaker ;)

Aeropress Coffee Maker £24.99

Forget about the price this is the best coffee maker on the market FACT.

I looked at buying a commercial machine and this was better, forget your George Clooney Nespresso rubbish, this is a true barrista experience ;)

*Buy some good organic coffe to go with your aeropress, theres a cool little shop around from the studio who does award winning coffee*

Crockpot Slow Cooker £21.95

For those who still seem to struggle with their time management and nutrition this is a life saver, at only £21.95 it’s an absolute steal.

Put on in the morning and hey presto your dinner is ready when you get home, slow cooked brisket and pulled pork are my favourites ;)

Mini Grid Foam Roller £19.99

We have a few of the larger big brother Grid Rollers at Reactive, this is an awesome compact roller that can be taken everywhere.

Not sure what a foam roller is?

It allows you to perform self massage on your body, promoting mobility and flexibility.

The Swing! (Book) £5

Lose the Fat and Get Fit with This Revolutionary Kettlebell Program For Women

And Finally for those who haven’t behaved this year…

Training CHALK £5

All you need to do now is share this post to drop some hints to your loved ones ;)

Robert “Santa’s Little Helper” Clarkson

P.S. I either already have some of this kit or its on my list for Santa ;)