Happy Monday

Yep I know the majority of you will be dreading today and going to work but…

Today is a new week, a new training week, another opportunity to smash it and reach our goals.

Apart from going to my day job (which I also hate) Im super excited for Monday, well Monday night at Reactive Training anyways.

We are launching our BRAND NEW Kettlebell class TONIGHT.

We have been busy buying lot’s of new shiny Kettlebells and shipping them down to our venue.

Remember that story about my Mum?

Well after lugging all the Kettlebells from her garage to my car, then into the venue, I take my hat off to her, still can’t believe she managed to lift them all.

She could join the Tough Mothers and give them a run for their money :p

So whats the big deal about Kettlebells?

Well for starters it’s a great resistance workout, we should know that lifting heavy weights (Kettlebells are heavy) is one of the best ways to build strength, blast away body fat and tone up.

But lifting weights will make me big and chunky?

Nope eating rubbish and sitting on your ass makes you big and chunky, it’s a big misconception that women will get chunky or end up looking like a man if they lift weights.

Lifting heavy weights is the quickest and best way for you to change your shape, drop body fat and tone up.

But lifting weights is scary, I’m not really sure what to do and what if I get it wrong?

Fortunately we got your back, our class will teach you all the skills no matter your experience and get you up to speed in no time.

We also have various sizes and weights for beginners to learn the proper technique before we let you lose on the heavy stuff :p

But lifting weights is boring and I don’t like it?

Don’t worry the classes as always are tough but fun, and like everything once you give it a go you will start to enjoy the challenges and love the results.

The Kettlebells have been around for years and used by the special forces of various nations, most famous by the Russians.

But why?

Special forces troops have to be at the peak of their physical condition, and want to get the most bang for their buck.

They don’t have time to waste and want the quickest possible results in the least amount of time, enter the Kettlebell.

Funnily enough every single person I have ever met wants results yesterday, and normally the first question is how much will I lose, followed by how quickly will I see the results?

Incorporating Kettlebells into your weekly training will not only see YOUR results skyrocket, it won’t take as long before other people start noticing how toned and hot your looking 😉

Robert “Ironman” Clarkson

P.S. Tough Mothers (TM) will also get an introduction to Kettlebells within the next few weeks, Bootcamp is FULL but still have a few spaces on TM contact maria@reactivetraining.co.uk