Did you watch Britain's Got Talent???

Im in the middle of a house move so have had to cancel my Sky TV and watch council telly.

For a second I thought I was watching the bloopers with the people who didn't make it.

Jeezo we are scraping the barrel this year.

Is it just me or have these reality shows had their day?

BGT more like Butlins Got Talent.

Why is it they always have a sob story, they defo try and tug on the heart strings.

Straight after BGT comes Coronation Street :( I go to flick the channel and it's Eastenders.

And I thought BGT was bad.

British Soaps and TV is PISH, so depressing and unentertaining.

I hardly watch TV if Im honest but I still have Sky with HD Movies and Sports plus the entertainment package.

Sometimes I'm lucky if I even watch it once a week but...

I absolutely love some of the shows on Sky Atlantic, catchup options and HD movies and sports.

It's also reassuringly expensive.

Worth every penny, watching the champions league final on my big screen on HD was worth the monthly fee.

Game of Thrones now again another show worth the fee.

I love my Sky and love having it there to watch when I want to be entertained.

I am a firm believer of you get what you pay for.

Watching that rubbish last night just confirms my belief.

Premium services cost premium prices simples.

Some people don't see the value in what we do at Reactive and baulk at our monthly membership.

Then go and spend £200 on Herbalife, £100 a night on booze, £100 a week on takeaways, £50 a week on fags and...

Whinge, cry and moan about feeling shit and being overweight.

On our application form to join we ask how much YOU have spent on trying to achieve your goals.

Over 90% have spent thousands when they add it all up, the thing is they have spent thousands on FADS and shit that doesn't work.

It's like buying a cheap car and then when it breaks down paying someone else to fix it again and again.

When you add it all up you would be better off buying a brand new car and cheaper.

If you want to look and feel your best then stop shopping on price.

Search for the results you want, someone who has a proven track record of delivering those results.

Do you believe they can get you the results you want? 

They can help you to achieve the look you want while feeling awesome?

When you find the right person or group then believe me it will be the best money you will ever spend.

Robert "Premier" Clarkson

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