Happy Monday back to the grind…

So my bed got delivered the other day absolute godsend.

Was sleeping on the couch for over a week with broken ribs 🙁

Anyway I treated myself to a superking size bed cause we all know size matters :p

Couldn’t fit it in the car so arranged for delivery.

The delivery technicians call to say they will be here for 9am and after the couch escapade im delighted they will bring it up the stairs.

Buzzer goes and I let them in, about 30 mins later they are still hogging it up the stairs.

Sweating like a fat man in a cake shop.

Eventually they get to the top and then have to force it into the flat.

Got me thinking about how tough and demanding their job is.

Their van was full and they do multiple runs from 8-8 Mon-Sat every week.

Heavy lifting for hours each day, basically like going to the gym for a job.

They where pretty fit and strong, I would have struggled myself.


They defo are not healthy or in any decent shape.

Beer belly, moobs and a face that blends into their neck, probably had cankles and a muffin top too.

Now imagine if you went to the gym and trained twice a day 5 days a week and still looked the same?

Thats exactly what these guys are doing, it’s the right kind of exercise and intensity they are doing.

So why are they not like fitness cover models?

SIMPLES you CAN’T outrun or out-train a POOR DIET.

Sure you can get some results initially especially if you are inactive, but eventually those poor nutritional habits will catch up.

Your results will stagnate and you might even put on weight.

Thats why at Reactive training we have a dedicated Nutritional group to educate our members on how to improve their nutritional habits.

Nutrition is the key to health and supporting your body while training to get lifelong lasting results while feeling good.

If you have ever tried any extreme diets, shakes or consistently eat junk food you will have experience of constantly feeling shit, tired and depressed.

We are not meant to FEEL this way, we are meant to be happy, healthy, energetic and illness free.

Good food and nutrition nourishes your body, it gives your energy to exercise and helps you to recover.

Yep I know it can be confusing with so many different messages out there, low fat v low carb etc.

Thats why we run a nutrition workshop for our members 3 hrs of education to help understand how to individualise their own nutrition.

Ill let you into some secrets from the workshop next email 😉

Make the effort to learn about nutrition its the key to success.

Join the learning at www.reactivetraining.co.uk/trial

Robert “You Are What You Eat” Clarkson

P.S. Ill give you some tips to get you started next email