I keep getting asked the question – Why are we not allowed coffee?

Is coffee bad?

First up, everyone who joins Reactive starts with our 28 day challenge (you can get by signing up to our blog).

Within the challenge coffee is banned for 28 days.

Now its not that coffee is a major cause of weight gain or detrimental to your health…

But too much coffee can mask some serious underlying problems.

If you are chronically fatigued and stressed and need several cups of coffee to get through the day we have a problem.

We remove the coffee to help you to FEEL what your body is saying.

To let you understand that something else is causing you to feel tired.

If your eating to much sugar and high GI carbs through the day then you will have energy spikes followed by crashes.

This causes you to feel sleepy, drains motivation and energy.

Most people tend to react by having a coffee or 2 to give them that little boost to get through the day.

Not only does this then place massive stress on your adrenal system, it never allows you to really sort your nutrition properly.

If YOU eat the way we show you at Reactive it allows you to sustain your energy, stay motivated and feel good.

When you have this nailed, as in consistently for 4 weeks and feel like you dont NEED a coffee to get through your day…

Then we can reintroduce the nectar of the gods 😉

Coffee in moderation can have amazing health benefits:

Improving energy, fat burning, improve physical performance and lower risk of disease has been well researched as benefits to regular consumption of coffee.

My general rule is no caffeine 4-6 hours before bed.

I personally like to have a cup first thing in the morning that I make myself.

For the best homemade coffee then look no further than the Aerobie Aeropress http://aerobie.com/products/aeropress.htm

Its actually from the same guy who made the Aerobie Frisbee.

For best results buy some good organic coffee beans and grind yourself before using in the aeropress.

For the Starbucks and Costa junkies you can even buy pre ground coffee from each store for your fix.

Now after eliminating coffee for 28 days I am not recommending going back to your Frape Latte Caramel Chocloate Mocciato Creame Super Size regular.

A plain simple latte, cappuccino or americano with no added sugar or syrups is best.

For added extra I like to use this little booster in the mornings for energy and wellbeing lasting hours.

I use my organic ground coffee along with my aeropress and then add a little coconut oil and whole milk.

Its important to put into a blender or use a hand blender, otherwise the oil will sit on the top of the coffee.

With the blender just mix everything up and the oil and milk combine with the coffee to make a really nice frothy latte.

The coconut oil slows down the absorption of the coffee in the bloodstream which gives a longer lasting effect.

And it tastes damn good also 😉

Robert “Barrister” Clarkson

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