Get your head out the gutter!!!

Im talking about portion sizes, and NO not that kind of portion :p

Was walking around Tesco last night getting the weekly supplies and made a shocking discovery.

Everything is being SUPERSIZED.

Was walking past the crisps (honest wasn’t even looking for them) and all the bags are like 3 times the size of a regular size pack.

NEW bigger bag, buy 1 get 1 FREE.

Honestly felt myself getting fat just looking at them.

We are turning into the US of A and already are competing against them when it comes to being fat.

SUPERSIZE this and SUPERSIZE that, even in restaurants the plates are bigger than your head.

Have you ever noticed that they always put the crisps and sweets on the ends of the aisles?

They are always brightly coloured like Las Vegas lights shouting EAT ME EAT ME…

I used to be really bad with crisps especially pickled onion Monstermunch, Space Raiders, Tangy Toms etc

I never used to have just 1 packet, I would buy a multipack and demolish them all in 1 night.

When we eat food like crisps they are very high in salt and empty calories (little nutritional value).

Our body actually associates high salty food with seafood, like fish wich is high in nutrients and vitamins.

We trick our body into thinking that it is about to receive some healthy nutritious foods which never come so guess what our body does?

It sends signals for us to eat more to get the nutrients, and then eat more, and eat more BOOM the multipack is gone.

The nutrients never come, but the body fat does, crisps are probably one of the worst foods you could overindulge in.

Bad enough regular packs but now they bring out these new SUPERSIZE packs, jeezo if they had been around back in the day I would have been in big trouble.

So gets me back to thinking about portion size and how we are conditioned from a very young age to overeat.

Think about it?

Your not going out to play until you finish that dinner…

Your not getting any pudding until you clean that plate…

It’s crazy, we actually feel bad if we leave anything on our plates because we are taught it’s not the done thing.

So then why do we overfill the huge dinner plate and then eat ourself into feeling almost ill?

Did you know that in the East it is considered rude to finish everything on your plate?

A good friend was at dinner over in China and cleared his plate to be promptly given a second helping, not wanting to be rude he cleared the second helping and received a third.

This went on until his 6th helping he was ready to burst, his girlfriend thought it was funny not to tell him the etiquette and watch him suffer :p

Is it just coincidence that there is over 50% less obesity?

Todays tip to control portion size, is to leave some food on our plate.

Yep we are trying to retrain the brain that it’s OK to not eat everything, even if it’s just 1 pea left!

Robert “Who Wants My Last Malteser” Clarkson

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