So the Reactive team visited the body power expo at the weekend.

It a fitness convention based in Birmingham NEC in fact think it’s the biggest in the UK.

Bit like the T in The Park of the fitness world.

Loads of stands, guest lectures and even competitions in everything.

Both myself and Maria are pretty healthy, we both have room for improvement (who doesn’t) but walking about at the expo…

Wowzers everyone is jacked, the guys are huge with muscles on top of their muscles and even the chicks are super shredded.

Normally you just see these people in magazines or on TV but up close they are something else.

All different types of builds, from huge body builders to bikini models but all with insane physiques.

There was strong men and woman, lifting truck and tractor wheels as if they where pillows :p

We met Zoe Smith British Olympian weightlifter, her coach even gave me some tips on my form.

Hung out with the Lean Greens guys and I bought some cool new supplements to improve performance and help recovery.

I’m gonna try them out first and will let you know how they go 😉

The real reason for going was to network, make contacts and learn anything new that we can use to help YOU improve.

At Reactive we take our own personal development seriously, constantly travelling around to learn and develop our skills.

If you wan’t to improve at anything then the quickest possible way is to find expert people who know more than you and learn from them.

A 30 minute coaching session from team GB weightlifting coach was worth the trip alone, nutrition and business talks from leading experts a bonus.

It’s easy to keep treading water and try to figure things out for your self but at what cost?

Most of the applicants applying for our morning camp have spent thousands yep thousands trying to lose weight and get healthy with no success.

But what about the time that it has cost?

YoYo’ing from diet to diet, from class to class looking for the next miracle product.

Time is something you can never get back, it’s more precious than anything else in this world.

When looking to lose weight, tone up, get healthy or whatever your goal is then look for the best.

If you shop around on price what do you think will happen?

When you pay peanuts you get monkeys, and also waste YOUR even more valuable time.

I got my eyes done a few years ago and they had various options.

Mr Clarkson we have the super discounted price where we manually use a scalpel to cut open your eye then the laser does it’s work…

Or the most expensive NASA (yep the spaceship guys) approved machine laser guided incision and correction.

I went for the most expensive option, as I wanted it done right first time with less chance of any complications and a more accurate correction.

Obviously I done my research first, I checked out the optometrist spoke to others who had similar surgery, and basically found the best person to give me the results I wanted.

Best money I have spent, I have went from standard definition to HD like going from Betamax video to Blueray.

Shop for the results, find an expert who has a track record of delivering the results you want.

It will be the best money you ever spend 😉

Robert “Still Paying For My Eyes” Clarkson

P.S. Spots are nearly full on our nutrition workshop book your place ASAP to avoid missing out