Hello my dears… (sounds like Mrs Doubtfire)

So this week saw the first Reactive Training Kettlebell Class….boy it was good 😀 a few tender muscles today 🙂

I personally love the kettle bell! You can do soooo many exercises with them which in turn give you an amazing workout….and yes I lift the heavy ones!!

A lot of people especially women can be quite scared to go for the heavier ones but there is nothing to fear (its actually slightly easier if you go heavier 😉 ) 

I used to shy away from lifting any kind of weights (apart from being lazy) but because I was thinking “only guys lift weights to get huge and big massive Arnie Schwartznegger muscles” or “I’m not strong enough to lift that, what if I hurt myself” 

But after I lifted that first weight I wanted to lift more!!! So much better than running round the streets for an hour!!! And I burned way more calories and more importantly more FAT!!

I’ve never seen my shape change so quickly by doing some relatively heavy weight sessions…I had toned arms, a flat stomach..yes its doable after having two kids…and shape to my bum!

You see after lifting weights for a year now I know I’m never gonna end up like Big Arnie…us girls just don’t have the biology within us to do it (unless you take steroids). And I’ve yet to hurt myself, yeah ok I have had a few bruises here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. 

I aint scared of them anymore…I LOVE them! And you shouldnt be either. Even the guys…grab a heavy weight and lift it 😀

The Kettlebells are great for guys and gals…they aren’t as daunting and scary as a big metal bar with weights on the end… they are small and cute and colourful…but they are probably one of the best pieces of kit you could use…and they last forever 😀

“But I’m not strong enough..”  Only one way to become strong enough is to lift the weight repeatedly 😀

This is evident at Reactive Training, everyone has progressed amazingly in their strength and that has been down to lifting the weights every week 🙂

This could be you 😉

Maria x

P.S. Still spaces available at Reactive Training Tough Mothers, drop me an email maria@reactivetraining.co.uk