Have You Lost Weight?

So we are coming to the end of our 4 week trial…

It’s basically a chance for anyone wanting to get involved with us at Reactive to come along and try our morning programme for FREE.

This is the last week for our current intake and they got their results yesterday.

The girls have done amazing…

Followed our 28 day nutrition challenge

4 awesome classes each week

10,000 daily steps via Fitbit

Posted everyday in our VIP group

Completed their homework (yep we give out homework)

Needless to say they are all looking and feeling awesome in less than 4 weeks.

Gemma lost ove 13lbs

Emma lost over 10lbs

Annie lost over 7lbs & 7 Inches

Lyndsey lost over 6lbs & 3% Body Fat

Suzanne lost over 5lbs & 3% Body Fat

Rosie lost over 4lbs

Carol lost over 2lbs & 2% Body Fat & 3 Inches

Lynsey lost over 2lbs and an amazing 5% Body Fat & 4 Inches

Some are already getting asked if they have lost weight (what an amazing feeling)

It’s hard to see the initial weight loss in yourself as it’s gradual.

But friends and colleagues you dont see that often notice everything (they notice the grass growing).

Have you lost weight?

It can be quite strange hearing it at first as you still feel like you have only just started and have a long way to go.

But YES you have and YES other people can notice it and comment.

It’s funny how people are really quick to comment when you lose but nobody ever says…

Have you got fat?

Ok Ok some people do, like my Mum when I came back from working in the USA.

I was only away 6 weeks, walk in the door and first thing she says.

Ohh Robert you’ve fairly put the weight on, your looking fat.

Tell you what, it defo gave me a kick up the arse to get it off again.

If only everyone was as honest as my Mum.

How do I look you ask?

Well actually you looking fat and unhealthy (instead of you look amazing).

Maybe we wouldn’t let ourselves get that far out of control.

Back then I was fatter but more importantly I was unhealthy, even when I lost the weight I was still unhealthy and felt like shit.

I had no clue about what to eat or how to maintain my health.

My answer was just to hit the gym more and do more exercise, I always lost weight but…

Ended up ill or injured or both every single time.

The girls have lost weight and body fat but most importantly gained health thats the best way to maintain and keep the weight off.

On Sunday the 1st of June Reactive Training are delivering a 3 hour workshop on healthy eating and living.

It’s not 1 of these boring lectures where your asleep half way through.

It’s fun, interactive, engaging just like learning should be.

Edge of your seat info on how you can improve your own nutrition and health.

We wan’t everyone to experience the feeling of “Have You Lost Weight?”

For everyone to learn and go away with the tools to make a difference to both themselves and their families life’s.

Life changing knowledge, expert coaching and the chance to ask questions to the reactive team…

For only £10

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Robert “Used To Be Fat” Clarkson