Do you want to make losing weight and getting fit as easy as a walk in the park?

Who said this fitness malarky had to be difficult?

Kettlebells, Boxing, Metafit and INSANITY ooooft they sound scary and can be intimidating especially if its been a while since you last did anything active.

Getting in shape does not have to be difficult or scary, ill tell you how but first…

On Monday I promised to tell you how I still have fun without the booze!!!

Firstly I still love to go out with my friends and socialise yep they still like to go OUT OUT.

Although nowadays I get to see everything happen and remember it, sometimes I even get my phone out and film it ha ha.

The last night out we all had was at a christening up in Fort William, 

I was the designated driver and we stayed at the Premier Inn who guarantee a great nights sleep or your money back.

Well needless to say everyone in the hotel got their money back except us and we had to move hotels, for once I wasn’t involved 😉

I still had a great time, didn’t make an ass of myself, wasn’t hungover and felt great all weekend.

Apart from hanging out with friends I like to get out, be active and have fun with my family as much as possible.

By not being hungover and staying of the booze, I have so much more energy.

Last Sunday we wen’t to the park, 

We got up early (I was out on the Saturday) drove down to Loch Lomond and walked to Balloch Park.

Weather was great (meaning it wasn’t raining).

We went and played at 3 different parks, walked over 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) and skimmed a few stones into the loch.

Outside in the fresh air playing and having fun instead of lying in bed dying…

Getting back to my first point, losing weight, getting fit doesn’t just have to be about coming to a class.

It really is as simple as going a walk in the park every day.

Lis lost over 2 stone just by walking her 10,000 steps every day and following the Reactive Nutrition plan. 

When she first started she was unable to exercise.

She was intimidated at the thought of going to a class, or even doing 1 to 1 exercise.

But she was happy to go out walking the dog longer, (wee Cooper lost a few lbs also).

Lis has now got to the stage where she is attending different classes a couple of times each week, and has a new lease of life.

1 of the troubles she has now is doing to many classes, how times have changed.

It all started with the walking.

Taking those first steps, and then being consistent.

10,000 steps is the minimum we all should do each and every day.

Ive walked 750km since getting my Fitbit, how cool is that?

So yes getting fit and losing weight can be a walk in the park.

With the better weather coming in YOU are running out of excuses 😉

Maybe you just don’t think you need to lose weight?

Your fine just the way you are?

On Friday ill let you into a secret about how I discovered I was fat and going bald 😉

Robert “Used To Be Chubby” Clarkson