We all know that obesity is on the rise with estimates that by 2050 half the population will be obese.

A recent article in the Daily Mail also highlights the growing obesity problems with children.

Nearly 1000 children have been referred to hospital in the last three years because of their weight.

1/5th of 4 year olds are now overweight or obese.

Pretty scary stuff, as adults being overweight and obese it’s almost become acceptable and the norm but when we think of the same problems with kids it’s even more scary and frightening.

Being overweight is contagious, most families have more than 1 person carrying a few extra pounds.

Why do you think this is the case?

Yep you’ve guessed it, as a family we all tend to share the same nutritional habits and eat the same foods.

So staying on the theme of nutrition this week, by taking a family decision to eat healthy not only will you get the results YOU want, the whole family will benefit.

Remember Lis who lost 40lbs?

She totally bought in to the nutrition from the get go and done all the food shopping and cooking for her family.

Her partner who is not a client has lost 2stone 5lbs, YEP NO JOKE.

Even her dog has lost weight and is looking and feeling trimmer.

So rather than trying to make changes on your own, sit down with the family and explain how important this is to YOU.

With family support it will mean that you are all in it together, no temptations when your partner is munching on that take away or packet of crisps.

So my task for the weekend is can you convince the family to buy in?

Yep just like YOU they will not want to change, so how do YOU think YOU can convince them?

Let me know how YOU get on 😉