Maria on the blog…

Wow I’m feeling HAPPY!!

So after last weeks trauma of feeling terrible with a poor diet and lack of motivation, I’ve finally got back to my good old jolly self 😀 woohoo!!

My diet has been a lot better, no junk (except a few cheeky chocolate eggs :P), no yucky white carbs, loads and loads of veg and good quality meat and fish.

And on top of that I’ve been taking my vitamins everyday with at least 3 bottles of water.

I have written down my goals and I have them stuck on my mirror in the bedroom so that every morning when I wake up and have a glance at my gorgeous face I can see it.

I repeat it to myself a few times and I believe it WILL happen.

Of course I’m going to sacrifice a few things in order to reach my goal but it has to be done.

For the sake of my health and fitness theres no question about it.

Il be minimising my treats at weekends, possibly even cutting them out completely.

Limiting my cheese intake (I’m addicted).

I’m walking more and leaving the car behind.

Coffee intake has to come down, back on the green tea 🙂

This may seem like nothing to some people but to me they are bloody hard to sacrifice!!

Its disgusting the amount of cheese I actually eat, I even make myself feel sick sometimes I eat that much.

And the coffee?

Well lets just say I used to take 3 (big) teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, that hasn’t been easy to wean off.

Its not easy sacrificing something that you’ve been eating or doing for so long, thats why it is called a sacrifice.

Just ask yourself , Do You Really Need It?

Do I really need those 2 blocks of cheese a day? (slight exaggeration)

Do I really need to take the car to the shops which is only a 10 minute walk?

Do I really need to buy the kids sweets and treats for everyday and suffer the temptation to eat them all? (I am guilty of this)

Im pretty sure the answer would be NO.

We don’t need to but we want to.

What do you want more??

I know I definitely want a healthy toned and shredded body 1000% more than I want a sugar in my coffee.

I am WILLING to make that sacrifice, and I when I get my body the sugar can kiss my ass.

These sacrifices will no longer be an issue.

They will disappear into thin air and the healthier routine becomes habit just like the old routine once was 😀

But you have to be WILLING, you have to be DETERMINED and you have to KEEP GOING.

If you give up your back to square one!!

Im fed up of starting over with all of this and you should be too.

So together I ask lets make this the last time we start over??


Get a goal, get a plan and get up of your ass!!!

We Are Doers!!!!

Do it for YOU.

Let me know how y’all are getting on 🙂

Maria “Beast Mode” Campbell


P.S drop me an email, share your stories, ask questions, tell me a joke – I love a good joke 🙂