Don’t care what anyone says everyone NEEDS good friends and luckily I have a few.

I used to have double digit friends in my younger years and remember my Grandad telling me you only have a few REAL friends.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve loads of people I know, like and enjoy spending time with but…

Less than a handfull of REAL friends you can rely on and trust.

Big shout out to Kelly and Maria who really helped me when moving flat.

Couldn’t have done it without them, although can’t stop laughing when I think of trying to carry my couch up 2 flights of stairs.

Kelly is a bit of a short arse and decided to take the back of the couch when going up the stairs.

Half way up I felt the couch slipping and heard a muffle as Kelly got pinned to the wall, actually thought she was going down the stairs with the couch on top.

Remember my ribs where broken and could only really use 1 arm to try and free her from her impending doom.

This was made even more difficult as I was in fits of laughter which hurt my ribs even more.

Only true friends can laugh at each others misery and unfortunate circumstances :p

The sweat was dripping off us both and think we had about a 10 minute break at the top to catch our breath.

I done over 20k steps that day just moving furniture, never mind your functional movement pish just get a job as a removal technician.

Next email ill tell you about the 2 removal men bringing the bed lol

Maria was conveniently busy during all the heavy lifting, same as most people including my family (Maria did make up for it).

I could never have done it myself.

No matter how much you try to kid yourself on we all need help at times.

Nearly everyone knows what foods to avoid and that we should exercise so why don’t we do it?

Lack of support from the right people thats why.

If you want to fly like an eagle you got to stop hanging around with the turkeys 😉

We are all slaves to our environment, if everyone around you is inactive, eats rubbish, negative and unsupportive your already set up to FAIL.

Is it any wonder you feel like shit most of the time?

We are what we repeatedly do, or we adapt to our surroundings.

I’m not saying go divorce your husbands or ditch your friends for being unsupportive but…

Speak to them and explain what you want to achieve, that losing weight is important to you to look and FEEL good.

If they don’t support you then start the divorce proceedings :p (jokes)

Thats what so good about Reactive Training support from like minded people on the same journey as YOU.

Everyone helps each other and thats why we call it the Reactive family, support everyday via our private Facebook groups.

Daily emails and homework, expert coaching on nutrition and exercise, no stone is left unturned to help you succeed on your journey.

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Robert “Removal Technician” Clarkson

P.S. Wanna know why just doing exercise aint enough?