So why do we all still expect it?

It’s human nature to want a bargain, even when we don’t really need it.

Quick story about my 2 worst ever clients that NEVER got any results, they probably got fatter.

This was a rookie mistake, you see the problem was not that my nutrition advice was poor or that the training programme was wrong (it was not much different from what I still use today).

What was the problem?

I gave them my time and all my expertise for FREE.

The clients where FAMILY, yep my Brother and Dad who claimed they wanted to lose weight, yes we can’t wait to get started sounds amazing, what do we have to do?

I even bought them their own Fitbit, I actually paid £100 each for them to have a fitbit (what a dumbass)

But they never invested, and I don’t mean in me…

They never invested in themselves, they got something for FREE and then placed no value on it.

The more you have to invest and sacrifice the more you are willing to make it work…

Now if any Friends and Family want to enquire about my services I tell them sure no problems this is the price.

But I offer them the chance to win their money back, trying again I said to my Dad pay me every month as normal if you stick to the programme for 6 months ill refund you the full amount.

Guess what?

He couldn’t be bothered, you see he didn’t really want to start a weight loss lose programme but wanted it because it was FREE.

It’s like walking around the supermarket and they offer FREE trial nibbles, you never really want it but because its FREE you take it anyway.

It’s human nature to grab a bargain even when we don’t really want it, oh that normally costs £… and I can get it for FREE.

Never mind the fact what the hell am I gonna do with a FREE lipstick?

We are always looking for a bargain, we shop about looking for the cheapest personal trainer, bootcamp or meal replacement and wonder why it never really works.

We think nothing of buying the most expensive makeup, clothes and bags to make us look good…

We got it all wrong we should be paying for the BEST trainer and bootcamp with real nutrition that will have us looking good wearing anything & nothing…

So you might have seen our adverts for our new morning class, you might even have applied!!!

It’s FREE probably why we have now had over 100 applications, but…

Ive learned from my mistakes, and just like working with my Dad you have to earn your FREE ride.

So if you are serious I mean really serious about looking hot, feeling sexy and oozing confidence and want it yesterday you can grab a spot on our programme…

Everyone starting a FREE trial has to pay a £70 Refundable Deposit and meet the following conditions:

Attend a minimum of 12 from 16 sessions

Provide before and after pictures

Leave us a review on google

Check in on Facebook

Follow our nutrition and post a minimum 1 meal each day

Simples do all that and you get your money back…

Guess what else…

Every single person who does will also have insane results, because they are investing in themselves.

Still want a spot?

Follow the link to APPLY 

Robert “Reassuringly Expensive” Clarkson