You have to see this video of the best epic fails in fitness


We all have our own struggles and tribulations but when it comes to exercise do you struggle enough?

Ive struggled with my nutrition for the last few weeks, but Ill let you know next email how I have managed to get back on track.

Through our struggles we grow strong, not just with exercise but in life.

In order to become stronger we must put our bodies through enough stress to cause an adaptation.

I see so many people who go to classes or the gym and just don’t seem to be getting anywhere?

Is this YOU?

They still can’t do a pushup even after weeks, months & years of trying (but girls aren’t meant to do pushups).

So why is this?

Just this week someone told me they go to 20 classes a week and are still not getting the results they want.

It’s all down to INTENSITY.

Our bodies are clever, they quickly adapt and get used to the demands placed upon it.

So we must then change our training, without this our bodies won’t get the correct stimulus to adapt and make you stronger.

Our minds are even more clever, as they always want to take the path of least resistance (the easy option).

So whats the key to success?


Yep in order to succeed at this game we need to fail.

What I mean is that when performing our exercises we should reach the point of failure, struggle and be unable to perform with correct technique.

So with our press ups we want to get to the point where we struggle, so many times we take the easy option of dropping to our knees just so we can perform more reps.

Less is more, especially with strength.

So why not give it a go trying to get that full press-up, I mean really trying arms shaking, body convulsing and your heart and head ready to explode?

Try it and try to fail for longer each time, so instead of failing instantly and hitting the floor…

Increase your time under tension to even a few seconds before falling.

Yep keep doing this and you will gradually become stronger, and before you know it doing multiple pushups.

This is something you can practice in the house, and I guarantee if you do for a few times each week within a few months you will have nailed your first pushup.

There is nothing better than when a new member gets their first full pushup the look on their face is why I love my job.

Robert “Failure” Clarkson