Got a tex from my friend the other day basically saying she was eating healthy and doing lots of extra classes…

But she was feeling FATTER


Defo not a good feeling, especially when your busting your ass to try and feel GOOD and TONED

The same week we had our morning class asking if it was ok to still do evening classes?

“But I normally do 20 classes a week”


Iv’e been there myself, back in the day I used to think the more I did the fitter I would be but guess what?

INJURY yep the more stress and repetitive strain doing lots of inefficient movements will eventually lead to INJURY.

When you get injured and can’t do any exercise what do you think will happen to your results?

If you want to lose weight, tone up, lose the jiggly bits, stay injury free and feel your best then you have to do LESS not more.


Im sure we have all heard the saying “QUALITY OVER QUANTITY” ?

Think I’m gonna get it on this years Tshirts :p

Too much cardio based exercise makes you FAT.

There is even a name for it…


Do you ever wonder why so many of the instructors (especially the woman) taking classes look chunky?

I used to work with an instructor who was super fit, taught loads of classes but was chunky and certainly wasn’t toned.

Don’t know about you but im not too keen on the chunky look, would you rather be fit and chunky or fit and toned?

If your happy being chunky then crack on with your extra classes 😉

Basically classes such as body combat, attack, body pump, spin etc when done to excess make your body really efficient aerobically.

This is not always good, as when you become fuel efficient your body stores MORE fat.

Ideally we want to become fuel inefficient, as then our body will tap into our reserve fuel stores (FAT STORES).

It can be very hard trying to break the cycle of doing lots of classes, all types of exercise provide a feel good factor.

So even when doing lots of cardio we still have a release of feel good hormones and this can be addictive.

Long lasting, life changing results can be achieved with only 3-4 sessions each week.

The sessions should include resistance training and high intensity intervals.

Combine this with really low intensity recovery sessions such as walking and you have a winning formula.

YES it really is possible to exercise LESS and LOSE more.

It feels weird to start giving up those extra sessions but you can easily replace them with a nice long walk, especially with the good weather.

Sometimes we think that doing all these extra sessions kinda gives us a free pass to eat more crap.

When we exercise properly it’s even more important to be eating the correct food to help the body recover.

So use the extra time to plan and prepare your nutrition and sleep.

Robert “Less Is More” Clarkson