^^^^He’s a Superstar^^^^

Do you know the band?

My Mum used to listen to Dr Hook’s greatest hits on repeat in the house, in the car EVERYWHERE.

I was in the Gym the other day and it came on (yep I’m back training).

I was singing away to good old Dr Hook and you should have seen the looks I was getting.

I pretty know most of the songs of by heart, some would say it was childhood cruelty.

Secretly I kinda grew to like them :p

Hearing the songs again got me thinking back to when I was ONLY SIXTEEN :p

Especially being in the car with Mum.

Aint it funny how a song can just take you back to a moment in time?

My Mum used to spoil us, lifted and laid and everything we wanted.

School was less than a 10 min walk and I would get dropped off and picked up most days.

We always had the latest video games to play and a TV in our rooms, EACH.

Mum thought she was doing the right thing and truth be told she loved it when we stayed in the house to play.

As kids we form lifelong habits and look up to the people around us for clues on how to act YEARS FROM NOW.

You see it all the time, parents who are overweight tend to have kids who are overweight.

As parents we do what we think is best, and our kids follow our lead.

Do you want your kids to be healthy and free from illness?


We all want those close to us to be healthy, happy and have the best possible future.

The best gift you can give is to be that role model, the person who takes pride in living healthy, looking after their body.

Kids adapt to their environment and copy…

They see you working out = They want to work out

Your eating healthy nutritious foods = Can I try some of that please?

You walk to school to pick them up = They walk home from school

Be the fun Mum, Nanny, Granny, Grandma who runs about crazy with the kids, who cooks super tasty foods, who plays sports, who dances, who inspires.

No matter how unfit, how unhealthy YOU feel right now YOU can change it round.

YOU already are that role model…

Let’s show our kids, grandkids how to be healthy, active and have a ball doing it 😉

Robert “You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance” Clarkson

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