Lets stop thinking about food in terms of weight loss or fuel.

What about relating how we eat to how we feel?

Do you have any forms of inflammation, minor or major illness?

Are you constantly tired, bloated with no energy?

How is your hair and skin?

What about your libido?

All of these things are related to how you nourish your body with food.

During the flat move my nutrition was poor, I eat out every night for over a week, stopped taking my secret insurance policy and vitamins.

It’s really hard almost impossible to eat out every night healthy.

The result was…

I felt like shit, was constantly tired with zero energy and was actually feeling a bit depressed and sorry for myself.

Thats not all, due to my ribs my training has also stopped and I gained weight.


My skin on my face and head just broke out with psoriasis which in the past I had related to stress.

It’s funny because almost every time we have some sort of ailment or feel shit we automatically think we have caught something.

Well your kinda right, you have caught the shitty nutrition disease.

Seriously everything can be linked back to how you nourish your body including how you feel.

Most of us have some sort of intolerance which causes inflammation that presents itself in all manner of ways in different people.

So for me it’s my skin, for others it can be IBS, abdominal discomfort, bloating, extreme fatigue, lowered imune system response to name a few.

The inflammation can be caused by any number of foods from dairy to gluten.

My personal recommendation is to experiment on yourself.

Remove all possible causes of inflammation and then slowly reintroduce, if symptoms return then you can be pretty sure you are intolerant.

In only 1 week I have removed all gluten from my diet and the results have been sensational.

Skin has improved dramatically (wish I took some pics).

Have more energy and focus and generally feel healthier.

All our members initially complet our 28 day challenge which involved eliminating:

White starchy carbs such as bread, potatoes, pasta.

No sweets or junk food.

No alcohol

No sugar

No stimulants such as coffee.

Coffee can be good but if your taking it to give you energy you could be masking underlying problems.

Basically stick to single ingredient foods like meat, eggs and fish along with a variety of vegetables, nuts and seeds.

During the 28 dyas pay attention to how you feel, especially after eating food.

It’s a great start to learning about nutrition and sets you up to come along to our workshop to learn the finer details, (like how to have a drink or have a treat without your results suffering).

Next email ill tell you about my secret insurance policy I used to prepare for Tough Mudder 😉

Robert “Don’t Remember Eating A Sexy Beast” Clarkson

P.S. Evening camp is now full waiting list only, still spots for our morning camp www.reactivetraining.co.uk/trial