Are you confused with all the nutrition information out there?

Fed up of all the bullshit and jumping from diet to diet that never works?

Low carb v High carb

Herbalife, Juice Plus, Body By Vi…

Protein shakes, green shakes, powders and potions…

Raspberry ketones, fat burners, magic pills…

Fruit GOOD or BAD?

The low fat con…

Calories in v Calories out

With so much information how do you make sense of it all?

Luck for you YOU don’t have to, as on Sunday the 1st of June from 12.00-15.00 Reactive Training will be teaching their nutrition workshop.

Topics covered will include:

Understanding nutrition

What to eat for your body type (your own personalised nutrition plan)

How to eat to maintain health

Supplementation (the good the bad and the ugly)

Weight loss tips and tricks

Q & A on health and nutrition

We are not here to baffle you with science and big words, instead we want to help you understand nutrition and what strategy will work best for YOU.

We are all unique and different there is not a 1 size fits all plan, we will explain how to specifically tailor your nutrition to best suit YOU.

This workshop is a must if:

You struggle with your eating

Constantly feel tired all the time with no energy

Want to lose weight

Confused about what to eat and why

Are looking for a quick fix and magic pill

Have tried numerous diets and weight loss products only to end up back where you started

Want to learn the skills to make LIFE LONG changes to your health and well being

OK OK you get the deal, the workshop will take place at 1 Finlay Drive, Dennistoun, G32 2QZ on Sunday 1st June 12.00-15.00 hrs.

The price is just £10 to cover our printing and venue costs but…

We only have limited spaces so it’s first come first served, interested?

Just follow the paypal link to book your spot, once the spots are full the link won’t work so if you manage to book you have a spot 😉

The workshop is open to anyone who want’s to learn more about nutrition and health, or want to learn more about Reactive Training.

Come along and meet the team, chat to our current members and see for yourself the Reactive Training team in action 😉

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn 😉

Robert “Nutty Professor” Clarkson