On Sunday my travels to the football mecca start, with numerous modes of transport to be used.

Plains, Trains and Automobiles.

Whats the betting of a delay or even missed connection?

I don’t have much luck with flights, have missed flights and been delayed that many times I’ve lost count.

Not long ago I was on a work trip to France with over 30 students.

On the plane buckled up and ready to fly home when all of a sudden…

We got snowed in, the lights went on and we where abruptly told to get off the plane.

Was a late evening flight and the next available flight home was not until the next morning.

Easy Jet basically left us to fend for ourself in the airport, was a bit surreal like something from a movie (another example of cheap and shit service).

Everyone just trying to find a quiet comfortable place to sleep in the airport, bodies everywhere.

Was like the zombie apocalypse :p

Yes it meant I didn’t get home on time, it took longer to get to my destination and actually impacted other plans but…

I still got there in the end.

Each and every time Ive been delayed, rerouted or cancelled Ive not given up, changed my mind or went elsewhere.

Weight loss is not a direct flight to your destination.

It’s filled with delays, cancellations, rerouting, and downright breakdowns.

It’s called life, it happens but the most important things is to NEVER give up.

Keep trying and make the commitment, not just for a few weeks but a long term commitment.

There is no such thing as a quick fix, your in it for the long haul.

Do you just want to look and feel good for a few weeks?

Thats why everyone at Reactive signs up for a minimum of 6 months, although most stay on much longer.

Within those 6 months like my flights there will be ups and downs, tears and tantrums but…

Everyone comes out the other side BETTER than they started.

Plus the overnight stays on airport floors, missed connections and delays are what makes life interesting.

We have an application only programme to make sure we get the right people who are looking for LONG TERM results.

Even though we do get the right people on board, every single person has no PATIENCE.

Even the most experienced members who have less bumps than our new members still expect miracles every time they step on the scales.

Good results don’t always mean weight loss, especially if you have been on holiday mode drinking most wkends, partying and having fun with your friends.

Nothing wrong with that, we all need fun and nights out but good results during these times we are less focused is about…

MNIMAL weight gain and improvements in fitness and technique.

So that when you restart your journey more focused after your blips, you are in the best position to benefit and achieve long term success.

That my friends is commitment and the key to success while still enjoying life 😉

Robert “Life Is A Roller Coaster” Clarkson

P.S. Emails may be delayed not cancelled for the next few weeks, will try and send a few each week to keep you on your toes 😉