^^^^^^AAARRRGGGGHHH Sugar!!!!

Ive got to be honest and say my diet has also been terrible these last few weeks.

I have been a secret eater 🙁 Midnight snacking on a few spoonfuls of ice cream and sugar in my coffee. Yes you read that right, SUGAR :(:(

And guess what it has made feel terrible!!

Before I started bootcamp 18 months ago, I used to eat all that kind of food and never think anything of it and I always blamed my sore tummys and headaches on stress and lack of sleep. But clearly it was my diet and lack of exercise.

And now having these bad turns in my nutrition I feel it straight away how it affects my body and mental wellness.

The other day, I was in a shitty mood, I hadn’t slept well and was up early with the kids and just felt full of anger. But i found a solution….a nice cup of coffee with 2 sugars :O

Yes I gave in and listened to the little devil in my head and put the spoonfuls in, and yes I felt so much better 😀 Until an hour or so later when I just felt even worse 🙁

So I went for a walk, got some fresh air in my lungs and I felt a million times better and from then my day turned out alright 🙂

And yeah I do still love my home comforts of some ice cream, spaghetti hoops on toast or a bowl of Tomato Soup 🙂 and every now and again i will have ONE spoonful of sugar in my coffee 😉

It had me thinking how even more important eating healthy nutritious foods is when you are on the go and have kids to run around after, or at work all day with no decent break, or especially unwell.

Recovery time is lengthened if your diet is poor during times of illness.

You are what you eat. I totally go by this statement. If I eat a big greasy big tasty from MacDs then I always feel like a big greasy mess after it , YUCK!

Get yourself into good habits, one thing at a time. Habits aren’t created over night just like we didn’t get fat over night.  Take time to invest in your health and change just one little thing a day about what you eat.

Instead of the biscuit you have in the morning with your tea , have an apple or some carrot sticks 😀 See how you get on 🙂

Maria “Cookie Monster” Campbell

P.S. If your just not sure what you should be eating we can help, get in touch 😉