^^^^^^^Ive got fat, yep I have let myself go and didn’t even realise.

Some people will have a look and say your not fat…

Don’t get me wrong I’m not obese or seriously unhealthy but…

I’m certainly not happy with my body image, shape and health at the moment.

The thing is it kinda creeped up on me, I thought I could beat the system.

I stopped training for 3 weeks and have been dipping in and out of the nutrition for a few months.

Its started with a CHEAT night on a Friday, which then turned into a cheat day…

After a few weeks I was thinking Ive worked hard all week lets just have a cheat Saturday too.

Then it became a cheat weekend, I would convince myself I would train extra hard and that it would be ok.

The tell tale signs where there, my skin had flared up (made an excuse it was stress from work).

I was actually making loads of excuses, blaming my daughter for me eating out at the weekends.

Then BOOM.

2 things hit me and opened my eyes.

Firstly starting back training, was full of bravado and excited until the next day…

Felt like I had been in a car crash, could hardly move nearly every muscle in my body screaming at me.

In only 3 weeks I had lost gains in fitness and felt like I was back to being a beginner again 🙁

Sore legs from working out are the worst, it’s not so much the pain it’s the funny walk 🙁

Next up and my really WOW moment was my new before pictures.

I regularly track my progress, body fat, weight etc but had missed a month.

Im starting with a new nutrition coach this week and they required my stats and pictures of my starting point.

So Im standing there in my skimpy shorts getting my picture taken to send over to the coach.

Upload the pictures to the computer and BAM I’ve lost it, lost the great progress I had made and gained fat.

The camera never lies, and because I have other pictures to compare it was easy to see I had let myself go.

I was pissed, I’ve been working out and eating good for years why have I not got the body I want?

Truth is I hadn’t been consistent and it was my own fault, these little dips and regressions are an important part of our journey.

It’s not all plain sailing and EASY, life gets in the way of our dream bodies and we forget about health.

Having someone to answer to is an important part of YOUR journey, thats why I’m looking forward to starting with my new coach.

Before and after pictures can be intimidating and embarrassing but they never lie, and they can be private (I’m embarrassed about mine).

There is no need to splash them over the internet, but there is a need to have measurable data to record progress.

So today’s tip is for everyone to take NEW pics starting today, 1 front, 1 back & 2 side with minimal clothing.

Get someone to help or even take a selfie in the mirror, just take the pics and save them with the date.

Now to work on getting in shape…

Ill let you know next episode the plan of attack.

Robert “Feeling Fat” Clarkson