On Sunday I woke up to the question of “Dad can I have cheese cake for breakfast?”

Obviously my answer was NO but it got me thinking, why not?

Not sure if anyone watched the programme on Fat v Sugar but probably the most interesting part was that foods made from a combination of fats and sugar are the worst type of foods we can consume.

No where in mother nature will you find a food that has a 50/50 ratio of FAT & SUGAR, it has to be man made or processed.

Guess what this magic ratio of 50/50 is what we are most addicted to, yep you guessed it good old cheese cake is 1 of these foods.

These foods are certainly more responsible for us being over weight than any single ingredient foods FACT.

It’s the combination of the sugar and the fat that makes these foods so tasty and keep us coming back for more.

So should we avoid cheese cake, donuts, cakes and all sweets?

If your goal is to lose weight then I certainly would not advocate cheese cake for breakfast 😉

Everything in moderation, your diet should be made up mostly of single ingredient natural foods, such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and nuts.

Occasionally if you feel like some cheese cake then knock yourself out 😉

BEWARE if your diet is mostly made up of processed, sweet, takeaway and microwave meals then it is inevitable your health will suffer and you will continue to gain weight.

Knowing exactly what to eat to be healthy can be challenging that’s why at Reactive Training we support and educate you in the lifelong skills of eating for health.

So what did we have for breakfast?

I made a raspberry and banana omelete.

x3 eggs, 200ml whole milk, 1 banana, handful of frozen raspberries.

Chuck everything in the blender or smoothie maker, add a little coconut oil to the frying pan and viola some sweet tasting healthy breakfast treat.

Make sure not to put too much mix in the frying pan as they taste better if they are crispy and not soggy in the middle.

Breakfast seems to be the meal that everyone seems to have problems with, why do you think that is?

It’s the fact we are conditioned to think we must have some sort of cereal, toast or that we don’t have enough time.

Why can’t we have fish, meat, veg, fruit and nuts for breakfast?

YOU can, and YOU should, remember the nutrition plan?

Try to have protein with every meal, and vegetables with every meal and mix it up so you don’t get bored.

Yep I hear you all shouting, NO WAY you can’t have that or this for breakfast…


Mr Kellogs?

How has your breakfast of cereal and toast been working out for you all these years?

So lets mix it up and try something NEW this week, what about:

Salmon and Broccoli for breakfast?

Burgers and Veg?


Let me know how you get on and share your ideas on our Facebook page.