I don’t really like talking about clients succes but this is awesome and deserves to be shared.

Lis who started with Reactive last August was really unhealthy, BMI through the roof.

I remember our first chat, I gave her a sheet with her targets to become healthy…

She looked at me as if it was written in Chinese

I havent been that weight since my 20s (Lis is late 40’s although now looks 30’s)

I think you’ve made a mistake, I can’t get to those figures…

She defo did not believe a word I said, are you sure thats right?

YES Lis you do need to lose over 4 stone to be healthy

It can be daunting starting anything and seem like forever away, I had actually projected a timeline of 7+ months.

The hardest part I always have with new clients is getting them to believe, not in me but themselves.

To believe that they are in control and that they can change things around.

Yesterday was a major landmark for Lis she officially became healthy and hit a major target.

Total loss 52lbs

BMI now under 25 and well on the way to meeting her NEW targets.

Becoming healthy for me as a coach is such a significant milestone, its 1 huge leap in the right direction to feeling awesome.

The added Brucie Bonus is that Lis is now feeling and looking younger and wait for it…

Buying a whole new range of clothes she now feels not just comfortable in but sexy and confident.

She told me a story that im sure she wont mind sharing and will hopefully inspire others.

Before she started she owned 1 dress, that she hated wearing.

Felt uncomfortable and would always cover it up with a jacket or cardigan.

She now needs a walk in wardrobe for her collections :p

Just recently while trying on a new sexy number which was a few dress sizes smaller than before…

The assistant says…

It doesn’t fit!!!

From Lis’s past experience shopping for dresses and struggling to find something sexy she assumed the assistant meant it was too small.

NOPE it’s far too big for your sexy figure you will need to go down a size!!!

Even telling me this she was super chuffed and she even showed me the new dress.

Jessica Rabbit hasn’t got a look in 😉

Hopefully she will wear it to the Reactive night out, or she might wear 1 of her other collections (for which I am being held responsible for the mounting costs).

I am absolutely chuffed and proud of her journey, she has even started to pay it forward and help others with tips and advice.

I know Lis still has some new goals to crush and it’s only a matter of time, but big congrats on being healthy first and foremost.

Just incase anyone is wondering we do have a disclaimer that Reactive Training cannot be held responsible for any cost you will occur as the result of having to purchase a new wardrobe.

When starting your journey, put by some money away each week so when the time comes you can shop till you drop 😉

Robert “Feeling Proud” Clarkson

P.S. Confused about where to start? We will be offering the chance this week to come along to our nutrition workshop and learn how to become healthy just like Lis.

Interested? Email robert@reactivetraining.co.uk