So Ive been warned to watch out for midgets hidden in rucksacks when in Rio.

WTF was my reaction.

Apparently these small people are hiding in rucksacks…

The rucksack gets put into the luggage hold on the bus and they zip themselves out and raid your stuff.

They then zip themselves back in the rucksack with all your valuables.

Their accomplice picks the rucksack up and walks away while your none the wiser.

Luckily all they would get is some dodgy underwear and clothes from my luggage, which wont fit :p

Although think I will be kicking any rucksacks I see just incase ha ha

You got to love the intuition of these guys.

It’s genius and I bet very successful.

Kinda reminds me of Herbalife and Juice+

Multi billion dollar companies who are very successful.

Yep they get results but…

Just like the midget stealing your new holiday mankini, it’s WRONG.

I get approached all the time by reps asking me if I would like a business opportunity?

Would you like to make a lot of money?

It’s the biggest ponzi scheme on the planet and is blatant theft just like the midget in the rucksack.

Here’s why 😉

The product is low quality, genetically modified shit in a shake.

Think of the cheapest nastiest protein you can manufacture?

The reason it is so cheap is the huge markups, up to 50% and each distributor is encouraged to recruit more people to sell.

Every person you recruit you get a share of their markup.

They do the same and so on and so on, so if you can imagine the customer is paying up to £100-200 for a months supply.

With everyone getting a piece of the pie, the initial costs have to be so cheap in order for everyone to profit.

It’s like a Columbian cartel in reverse.

The cartels sell the best pure 100% products to their distributors.

Each distributor adds a little something to decrease the quality but increase their profit.

By the time it hits the street it’s a total different product, cheap and nasty with everyone making a profit.

CHEAP and QUALITY don’t go together.

The difference is that Herbalife, Juice+ etc dilute the product at source, they use the cheapest lowest quality products which have been found to be harmful to your health.

They add fillers and artificial products to mask and increase volume, also increasing profits.

They then give out to their dealers at ridiculously low prices and allow them to recruit more dealers…

By the time it gets to you on the street the price is up to 100 times more.

The products are UNHEALTHY, UNREALISTIC and pray on peoples desperation to lose weight and feel better.

As far as I am concerned if your a distributor you would be as well finding a large rucksack to zip yourself into.

Praying on the desperate, taking advantage, scaremongering and theft your no better than the midget thief’s.

Please if your considering shakes, reconsider and think of your long term health.

Get in touch and I can point you in the right direction for FREE.

Robert “Midget Kicker” Clarkson

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