It’s that time of year, you know dark mornings and dark nights…

It’s like winter just sucks the motivation from everyone.

Combine this with the good old Scottish outlook on life and you have a winning combination…


Seriously is it just me or do we as a nation have the worst outlook ever?

Everywhere I turn I hear whinging and moaning about absolutely everything.

This weather is pish it’s too wet…

It’s dark outside…

I hate going to work…

My boss is a dick…

I feel crap…

I hate winter clothes…

I’m bored…

Then the summer comes and you hear…

…It’s too warm

…I hate working when it’s nice outside

…My boss is still a dick

…I’ve got hay fever

…I hate summer clothes

…I’m fed up

Working in education I hear whinging about the students from the staff, which is the exact same every single year without fail.

And then I get whinging from the students about the staff.

You switch on the news or read the papers and guess what?

You never hear any good news, nope its all doom and gloom.

It seems like everyone just likes a moan and a whinge about how bad everything is, they like to sound off, criticise and pick holes in everything.

[bctt tweet=”Do you know what’s more contagious than man flu in winter? Negativity”]

Yep it sucks you in and eats away at your SOUL.

It’s like the zombie apocalypse at times trying to find someone who hasn’t been affected.

It kinda becomes the norm, that it’s just accepted to be a whingepot.

When this negativity sets in you don’t want to do a thing, except sit on the couch with your favourite junk food watching Netflix.

You’re in the vicious black hole of negativity, binge eating and the only movement you contemplate involves changing the channels on the remote.

Serotonin and dopamine are neurotransmitters, brain chemicals that regulate mood, desire, appetite, sleep, memory, emotional response and your ability to feel pleasure.

When you’re stuck in the black hole your body down-regulates these neurotransmitters, meaning you produce less.

If you’re constantly surrounded by doom and gloom, guess what happens?

So let’s imagine there was this cool place that people could come to 3-4 times a week.

In this place there’s loads of women who also come to get away from the bullshit and drama outside.

They do crazy things like lift weights, laugh, sweat and get out of breath which by the way helps to up-regulate your dopamine and serotonin levels 😉

Also they learn ninja secrets to help keep them out the black hole, feeling positive and feeling good.

They start to build this armour both physically and mentally, this resilience that makes them impervious to the negativity and the gloom.

The body that makes them stronger, leaner and confident in their own skin.

Suddenly things don’t seem so bad, the dark mornings and nights are more bearable.

Clothes shopping is fun no matter the season and the conversations in your head are complimentary.

The whingepots will always be there, your boss will still be a dick but YOU have the choice 😉

You can bah humbug and carry on as normal, or crank up those neurotransmitters and get YOUR show on the road.

Robert “Glass Half Full” Clarkson