Don’t know about you but I think relationships these days are all a bit fluffy with zero commitment.

Back in the day if you where seeing someone then it was exclusive and you where an item.

Today we have so many different levels from seeing, nipping, dating, friends with benefits, one night stands…

I struggle to keep up.

We live in a world of try before you buy, where we want to chop and change and stay available.

Don’t get me wrong im not advocating eloping after 1 date and believe that courting is good but…

There comes a time to commit to the relationship and stop waiting on the next best thing.

Rather than playing the field and putting strain on a relationship, what about committing to making it stronger?

At Reactive Training we used to offer pay as you go classes (1 night stands) we would put our heart and soul into building the relationship…

Venue hire, insurance, wages for 2 coaches, top class education, private facebook groups, weekly emails, planning and preparation, nutrition support and advice…

Only to be stood up and let down time after time.

So we have decided we are better than that, we don’t want to be known as cheap or a convieneint booty call.

Our business is based on building relationships and getting to know YOU.

Health and Fitness is a lifestyle its a long term commitment not a phase.

Do you want to look and feel good for a few weeks or a lifetime?

From this month everyone wanting to work with us at Reactive will have to commit, for a minimum of 3 or 6 months.

To tell the truth the majority of our clients have been with us far longer, our aim is not to have a high turnover of clients.

Instead to build long term relationships that offer support, friendship and RESULTS.

We want to you the chance to get to know us first, some courting before we GET SERIOUS.

Thats why we offer lots of advice for FREE, like our weekly emails and nutrition seminars, recipes and blog posts.

We also offer a 4 week FREE trial for our morning class or the opportunity to go on a date with Reactive Training.

It’s our chance to wine and dine you to let you fall in love with us.

Yep we will pick up the tab and show you exactly what it’s like to be a part of Reactive Training.

A chance for you to come along and experience what we offer, meet the coaches and other members and to get to know us before getting hitched.

We don’t date just anybody and everybody thats not our style 😉

We do date those open to forming a relationship, who want to make lasting changes and get the best support, help and RESULTS possible.


Give me a call or tex to arrange our first date 07921151411 (no booty calls)


Drop me an email

Robert “Long Term” Clarkson

P.S. We have 1 spot left for our morning camp 4 week FREE trial starting tomorrow still time to get involved.