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Rolling back less than 2 years ago, I couldn’t do a single press up, nor could I do a burpee, or even run up a small hill without getting out of puff.
I had to work at it, I had to try and FAIL in order to able to do these things.
Yes it was hard and I skived (a lot) , I felt sick, I was knackered, and I whinged.
But I was more upset when I got shit results because I hadn’t put the work in.
It was the shit results that gave me that bit of a kick up the bum and got me the determination to fight the flab.
I attended every session that Bootcamp had to offer, I was doing extra homework workouts in the house whilst my daughters watched me (often they joined in and put me to shame lol).
But I still couldn’t do a press up or a perfect burpee

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