Hows the wend going?

It’s Friday night my face is covered in some concoction of avocado and honey (homemade face mask) and my toenails are all painted a different colour.

Im lying back laughing at modern family (awesome programme btw) while this is all going on.

Before you start jumping to conclusions, my 11 year old daughter has set up her beauty salon in the front room and I’m the only customer.

Yep got me thinking about the things we do for other people, fast forward 24hrs to Saturday night and I can certainly predict there is not a chance I would be  sitting with a face mask on or painting my nails.


We all do stuff to make the people in our lives happy, which in turn helps us to be happier.

Take getting fit and losing weight, it’s not always fun and exciting but the end goal can allow us to make others happy.

For instance playing games with the kids (without needing an ambulance).

Sometimes we only focus on our goal of weight loss or getting fit and neglect the benefits it can bring to others.

Seeing your grandchildren grow up?

Being a part of your daughters wedding?

Making an effort to become healthy, is not just for YOU, it’s also for the people who care about YOU.

So if your finding it hard to help yourself, why not try and help others?

Not sure if anyone has seen the film pay it forward?

Anyway there is a chain Facebook type message going around, and I really love the idea and the thinking behind it, basically YOU help people by doing something for them and they pass it on.

The theory is that it will gain momentum and catch on, that everyone will help someone and the world will be a better place… IF ONLY

So kind of got me thinking…

What can I help with?

Reactive Training wan’t to help as many people as possible to become healthy, lose weight and feel great about themselves, its the reason behind this blog and emails, so please spread the word, share with family and friends and get them to sign up.

Additionally to kick start everything I want to try something a bit out there!

I want to give the first 3 ACTION TAKERS that email me with the headline PAY IT FORWARD a FREE 1 to 1 coaching session to really kickstart their journey to health. (you must be available next week for the 1 to 1)


The condition is they MUST be willing to PAY IT FORWARD, they have to give away some skill or service they have for FREE to another 3 people.

I believe that the more we help others the more we help ourself, so if YOU are up for it, are ready to start your journey and need that helping start hit me up and lets get this ball rolling 😉

If it works, ill tell you all about it in a future blog, so until then enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂