Yayyyy it’s Friday again which can only mean 1 thing…


So last weekend I went to the movies on Friday and Cirque De Soleil (new age circus) on Sat and shopping in Edinburgh on Sunday

Cinema was a little awkward, Kacey my 11 year old daughter picked the film

Was a romcom called the other girl (should of kinda guessed)

Was about a guy having serial affairs with loads of woman.

Loads of sex talk and stuff not suitable for an 11 year old.

Turns out she has already had the talk about the birds and the bees phewwwwwwww

Saturday now that was fun, went to see Cirque which is basically a modern day circus (modern day prices also)

Now these performers are something else, their movement is so graceful and natural.

Some of the moves where unbelievable, we do some skipping at Reactive which is fun but…

They formed a pyramid with people standing on each others shoulders 3/4 people high and then skipped WOW

Flips, trampolines, running up walls defying gravity they had it all.

The show opened with a girl performing a 1 arm hand stand on top of a pole.

She moved around as if she was floating and jumped from hand to hand.

Most people can’t jump from leg to leg never mind hand to hand on a pole upside down.

The strength, flexibility and overall body awareness of the performers was unbelievable.

Oh and they all looked pretty easy on the eye 😉

What I love about the circus and gymnasts is that they focus on movement not fitness.

Fitness comes as a byproduct to their movement, alongside looking toned and fit.

They do not train to look better but instead to move better.

We are big on movement at Reactive it’s so often overlooked, we want to run before we can walk.

Are to quick to add on weights before we can do full range body weight movements.

What if we focused more on technique and full range control?

Want to look like a Cirque performer / gymnast or a powerlifter?

Healthy, athletic, flexible & toned v unhealthy, bulky, inflexible & chubby mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

This August our staff are going to train and learn from Ido Portal the worlds leading movement specialist

watch the clip:


Pretty easy on the eye (according to Maria)

We will be learning how to help YOU move better and bringing back the skills that will greatly improve your movement (RESULTS)

Did I mention that we are traveling to Finland for the workshops?

Ido only does a few workshops each year and none in the UK this year, to work with the best you have to make some sacrifices and make it happen.

We know that his philosophy directly fits with our own and that it will greatly benefit everyone at Reactive so it’s a no brainer.

Finland here we come 😉

Watch the video it’s inspiring and the techniques although look advanced can be applied to anyone.

Want to move better?

Drop us a message about getting involved 😉

Robert “Ass To Grass” Clarkson