Last blog I spoke about easy weight loss, having your cake and eating it, and finding out what makes YOU happy.

We looked at the stuff we don’t want to happen, our fears and our reasons WHY.

Why do I get out of bed every morning?

Why do I work out?

Why do I eat healthy?

The truth is everything I do now allows me to do more of the things I love doing with the people I love and less of the things I hate doing (more on this later).

So I work out and eat well to be healthy and fit to play with my daughter.

To be able to play sport together

To take her abroad skiing (without holding her back)

To have fun with my friends

To live as long as possible

See my grandkids grow up (maybe 1 day)

And to enjoy life to the fullest.

What we do now defines our future self, if we sit about eating shit then 10/20 years from now what do we think the outcome will be?

Yep what started off as a pretty vain goal of trying to lose weight and looking better will enable you to actually do so much more, oh and YOU will lose weight, look and feel better also 😉

Have you ever had a really bad hangover?

Sometimes it’s worth the odd hangover for that really good night but…

Imagine having that really bad hangover every single day?

Tired, no energy, sluggish, depressed, headache, zero motivation…

Well for some of YOU the reality is YOU are having that hangover every single day and before you call AA I’m not on about alcohol.

When we eat the wrong foods, become less active, become overweight then we are literally living with a permanent hangover and the feelings described become our normality, we don’t know any different.

So just like giving up the booze we have to give up the unhealthy lifestyle, but you want your cake and you want to eat it too?

So we make a compromise, much like saving up for that holiday, new car or house YOU have to make some sacrifice.

We all have a problem with overindulging, and my first tip is everything in moderation.

Live by the 80/20 principle, so that for 80% of the time you are living the healthiest possible lifestyle you can.

The other 20% is built in for the occasional night out, pancakes and ice cream at the weekend, popcorn at the cinema once a week, that hot chocolate catching up with friends (not all in the same week lol)

We don’t want to eat chicken and broccoli for the rest of our lives, but at the same time we don’t want to be fat, unhealthy and feeling like shit.

Education is the next tip, take the time to learn about YOUR own nutrition, it’s something we all do every single day but for most know very little about.

Tip number 3 is for the other 20% of the time eat the best possible junk you can, so if your going to have chocolate have the best chocolate.

Fancy a drink? Then buy the best you can afford and stay away from the cheap options, you deserve the best 🙂

Honestly once you start eating better, moving better and feeling better you won’t want to feel hungover again 😉

Yep you might allow yourself those occasional treats but 80% of the time you will feel alive, more energy, motivated and wonder why you never worked it all out sooner…

The only thing holding YOU back is YOU, it’s normal to be scared of failing and ending up back where YOU started, it’s easy to make the excuses and put it off but…


Go back to the first few blog posts and implement just 1 of them, everyone has to start somewhere and once the journey has started everything becomes so much easier.

What have YOU got to lose, except from those extra lbs 😉