Hows was the weekend?

Did we do anything exciting?

I went climbing, built my own private movie theatre, painted my toenails, visited the soft play and eat some awesome pancakes with ice cream and mayple syrup (yep I had pancakes).

What about keeping fit, smashing the gym, losing weight and munching on my chicken and broccoli?

Let’s be honest chicken and broccoli v pancakes and ice cream?

Or smashing the gym v running about the soft play and climbing with my daughter?

No contest really…

You see I have a routine and lifestyle that still allows me to do the fun things to make ME happy without effecting my health, weight or fitness (I can teach YOU how).

Contrary to popular belief I don’t have pancakes and ice cream for breakfast every day (unfortunately), I also don’t paint my toenails, visit the soft play or go climbing every day (although that could change).

Ive not got round to sharing my story yet, basically I wasn’t happy and feeling like shit.

I never really understood why I wasn’t happy and just thought it was a phase, it would pass, everyone goes through it right?

I thought losing weight would help me find a nice girl to settle down with (or at least improve my chances of a date).

I didn’t want to die young and not see my daughter grow up, miss her wedding or even my grandkids being born.

I was fed up feeling tired, drained and lifeless and always living for the future (which never comes).

I didn’t wan’t to be the fat Dad who couldn’t keep up, or do anything FUN with my daughter.

I convinced myself those people who looked healthy and fit, with loads of energy where born like that.

Nobody is happy all the time?

It’s not realistic?

You just have to get on with it?

Won’t be long till the weekend?

Won’t be long till your 2 week holiday? (never mind the other 50 weeks)

This was the conversations I would constantly have with myself, always looking for a reason or excuse for how I was feeling.

So what did I do?

Initially I went to the gym every day, eat what I thought was healthy and after about 2 weeks would get bored chuck it and go out and get pissed and eat rubbish.

This was a constant cycle for a few years, every time I would actually feel guilty and worse that I couldn’t stick to my routine.

I even tried double sessions morning and night because obviously that would work ha ha, again failed miserably.

I used to search the internet looking for the secret exercise that would make all the difference, yep there had to be something that would work?

I would jump from gym to gym, from diet to diet and try everything going.

Even tried some pretty crazy supplements which are banned now, guess what?

Still felt the same, still looked the same and was still looking for answers in the wrong places.

Have I solved my biggest challenge?

Let’s just say I’m pretty close, and realise now that I already had everything I needed (I was just a little scared).

It’s actually taken me almost 35 years to find out what makes me happy and it’s not been an easy journey (will share in the next blog).

But for now a good starting point is to find out what YOU don’t want?

Yep write down all the things that scare YOU, the stuff you never tell anyone else, your fears for the future.

Guess what?

We now have a starting point for your journey, the next blog will help with setting a destination 😉

The most important aspect of today’s topic is that anyone can improve their life and happiness with a little support, guidance and EDUCATION.

At Reactive Training we teach you how to have YOUR cake and eat it 😉