Hello chicken nugget 😉

^^^^^^YEP I’m sure it was you, eating those chicken nuggets.

It wasn’t you?


The thing with McDonalds is they are so convenient and absolutely everywhere.

On the way back from Birmingham we stopped at the services and Maria was easily persuaded when I said let’s get a McDonalds.

We actually went up and almost ordered.

The videos below kept flashing through my head and I ended up cancelling the order.

We had some Marks & Spencers lunch instead (did have to take out a loan to pay for it)

But if you want to feel good the cheapest option is not the BEST.

McDonalds is one of the worst fast food joints in town.

They quality of the products is the lowest of the low especially the meat.

Do you know how they make the chicken nuggets?

You’ve got to watch this short clip

Still want some chicken nuggets?

They also use a similar pink slime for the burgers 🙁

Funny thing is we still take the kids and offer them this as a treat.

Do you really want your kids eating this rubbish?

As for the burgers and chips do you know they are almost indestructible?

So why do we crave this nasty food?

It’s quick, it’s tasty (due to all the added rubbish) and it leaves us satisfied (temporarily)

When we go long periods without eating food we tend to make poor choices.

The saying I could eat a horse…

Well you just might be :p

When we go over 3/4 hours our body craves sweet foods for energy.

It’s the same when we are under stress (more on that tomorrow)

Tip for today is not to leave it too long between meals, eat healthy whole foods that will leave you feeling full for longer and less likely to make poor choices.

If you watch the videos I’m pretty sure you wont want to visit McDonalds again :p

If you really fancy a burger I would recommend the Dennistoun BBQ cooked to order fresh and great quality (the chicken burgers are amazing).

I also like Ketchup in Ashton lane again fresh quality produce cooked to order (no pink slime in sight).

Nando’s is another great place to eat out with fresh cooked to order food, which won’t break the bank.

If you keep going for the cheap, easy and nasty option how do you think you will feel never mind the kids?

There are loads of good affordable options for eating out you just have to do a little homework beforehand.

I am going to put together a list of places in Glasgow and surrounding areas for eating out.

If you would like to make any suggestions then reply to robert@reactivetraining.co.uk and I will include your recommendation.

Ill sort over the weekend and post next week, in the meantime don’t let me catch you in McDonalds AGAIN…

Unless it’s Old McDonald 😉

Robert “Not Loving It” Clarkson