It’s calling my name, but my beach body is NOT READY 🙁

That’s the thing with short term goals what do you do when they are achieved?

Or in my case not achieved?

Give up?

Feel shit that you couldn’t stick to your plan or hit your goals?

Make excuses 😉 I did have broken ribs, and was moving house?

Truth is life just got in the way and happened while I was busy planning other things.

But although I didn’t reach my beach body goal, ill still be on the beach with my body and…

I’ll be feeling awesome

Rather than my short term goal I have a lifelong goal of being and staying healthy.

Every day I feel I am closer and better, even with the odd slip up (galaxy caramels & litre of ice cream).

I am constantly learning about myself, my body and how to be healthy and will continue to chase health for the rest of my life.

I’ve not gave up hope of a 6 pack and big muscles 1 day but I no longer feel shit about myself, constantly knackered and unhealthy.

I know how to eat to keep me feeling good, keep my skin clear, give me long lasting energy, vitality and I’ve made my peace that the occasional treat means feeling the opposite.

NOTE I said the occasional treat, as my life used to be the occasional healthy option lol.

Holidays, Weddings, Special Occasions will come and go, your stuck with your body for life.

Surely a lifestyle of health with a little room for fun is a better choice than a lifetime of misery with some booze to numb the pain?

Im not saying don’t have goals, just to look at the bigger picture and try and be better each day, to learn about yourself and to TRY and become the best possible version of YOU.

Thats why we have memberships at Reactive training starting at 6 months, because just like puppies Reactive is not just for Xmas.

You have to commit to being better, and be in it for the long haul.

No one becomes overweight in a few weeks or unhealthy over the weekend it’s normally years of inactivity, poor nutrition, binge drinking and burning the candle at both ends.

It WILL catch up on you eventually 😉

Had an amazing response to our FREE trial for the morning training camp with new members signing up for the long haul with Reactive.

Also now had over 160 applications for our FREE trial, which basically gives you the chance to come and try before you buy.

Reactive is not for everyone, we get that.

But we are for anyone who is looking for support to change their life around, kind of like the A team of the fitness world.

If you have a problem, no one else can help, if you can find us, maybe you can hire Reactive…

Lucky for you all you have to do is fill in our application

We do only have limited spaces so don’t hang about APPLY TODAY.

Robert “Beach Belly” Clarkson

P.S. Will hopefully be running another nutrition workshop in September stay tuned 😉