Weight loss secret revealed…

Wether you only have a few pounds to lose or half your body weight to lose the answer is the same.

To reach our biological (healthy) set point and maintain it for life then it’s about time we wake up and realise that we already have the answers.

What do you do every single day?

More than once a day?

What caused you to become overweight?

Did you become overweight overnight?

Before I start to give you all the answers have a think about your answers, and ask yourself how is my current eating habits working for me?

The secret to losing and maintaining weight, feeling and looking awesome is what YOU eat.

Yep what you put in your mouth every single day has the greatest impact on all of your results.

The client who has just lost over 40lbs in only 20 weeks has totally nailed her nutrition, and she is NOT on a DIET.

Our eating habits have shaped exactly who we are today, we have so many bad habits and bad choices ingrained over and over again.

Changing our lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or boring and over the next few weeks ill be showing you how.

The key message for today is:

NUTRITION is the most important aspect of your lifestyle, YES more important than exercise.


Once you unlock the shackles and finally start to realise “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” everything will start to click into place.

That weight you have been trying to lose?

The feelings of treading water and never getting anywhere?

Low motivation and energy?

Healthy consistent daily eating is the key to success 😉

Not sure what or how to eat best for health?

Then Reactive Training can help give you the skills just like Lis, get in touch for more info.