When was the last time you had SEX?

Your not supposed to talk about sex apparently, when did I ever listen :p

My neighbours up the stairs have been at it like rabbits for the last few months, honestly even through the week on school nights.


Few times Ive felt like chapping their door, excuse me could you keep the noise down please!!!

Ha ha the thing is I have never met them so don’t even know who they are which is probably a good thing.

My bet is they are young, no kids, just moved in together and healthy.

Yep it’s a big generalisation but heres the thing, as we get older, put on weight, have kids and spend more time with the same partner our sex drive starts to wayne, our sex hormones are low and we just don’t bother (ESPECIALLY ON A SCHOOL NIGHT) unless it’s your birthday.

Sometimes we just don’t feel attractive, we are self conscious about our bodies, gone are the times we used to walk about in the buff.

We think our husbands or wives don’t find us attractive, we don’t have time for sex and the kids get in the way.

Can you remember feeling sexy?

When was the last time you bought new underwear? (I don’t mean granny pants)

Before you know it those days can turn into weeks even into months.

We start to feel even worse about ourself, we all need physical contact its what makes us human.

It feels nice to get attention but how do you rekindle that spark again.

So heres the deal, you can turn those hormones back on, you can feel sexy again or even more sexier.

Losing weight and toning up will not only have your partner struggling to keep their hands off you, it will increase production of those hormones.

Yep your libido will be just as strong as your new body, your confidence will be overflowing and you will be strutting about like the cat who got the cream 😉

We can help you to get that new strong healthy body, the rest is up to you 😉

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Robert “Sex Bomb” Clarkson

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