Have you ever watched a fighter?

The last 2 weekends have consisted of watching some fighters go at it…

Last week was Ricky Burns and Anthony Joshua boxing, and this weekend I’m watching UFC.

What do all the fighters have in common?

They are all proper athletes, strong powerful and in great shape.

These guys are putting their life at risk every time they step into the ring, hence why they have to be at the peak of their physical condition.

The training is insane, they have to train the way they fight in order to have the fitness levels to last for up to 10 rounds of 3 mins boxing or 5 rounds of 5 mins for UFC.

“Train Hard, Fight Easy”

At Reactive we offer a Hatton ABC Boxing class every week as part of our Bootcamp, yep we wan’t everyone to train hard and fight easy 😉

The class is the only boxing class that is endorsed by the British Boxing Board of Control which means it’s not just a faddy fitness class…

It’s proper boxing training with 10 rounds of 3 mins (just like a real fight) on various punching techniques, combo rounds and pad holding.

Never thrown a punch in your life?

Don’t worry we take you through all the basics, teach you from scratch and before you know it you will be floating like a butterfly while stinging like  bee.

It’s defo one of the favourite classes and everyone loves to get the gloves on and go for it.

There is nothing better after a hard day at the office than pretending the pads are your bosses face (or someone else you don’t like).

Apart from being great fun, the boxing class is an awesome workout, it combines resistance training with hight intensity intervals to give you the same workouts as the pro fighters.

And guess what?

Combined with the nutrition plan and other classes you will will be looking lean and toned just like the pros 😉

Sometimes exercise can be tough and boring and you can see it far enough, thats why we end up giving up after a few weeks and never seem to reach our goals.

By doing exercise that is challenging but FUN, you forget your even working out (your happily reminded the next day).

Seriously our boxing class is rammed, people turn up early and really enjoy the fun challenge, it keeps them coming week after week.

So my advice for everyone today is to find a workout that you ENJOY, because when it becomes FUN you won’t want to give it up 😉

If you want to go from chump to champ then get the gloves on and give it your all 😉

Robert “Champ” Clarkson

P.S. We sometimes have some limited spaces towards the end of each month for our class, you can get your name on our waiting list to be in with a shot when spaces open up, just drop me an email to secure your spot 😉