Don't you just hate how 1 minute your happy and then some arsehole makes you mad?

Why do people take pleasure in annoying you or rubbing you up the wrong way (not that way)

Im just off the phone to EE apparently the fastest most reliable network provider.

Since moving flat and having no tinternet I have relied more on my mobile and ipad.

Would actually be quicker sending some pigeons, the flying rats are a story for another day :p

So my signal is basically non existent, calls intermittent and data dropping all the time.

Broadband not getting installed for another week or so, how ironic that the fastest form of communication takes the longest time to set up!!!

So I do some research as you do and apparently you can but a signal booster for the home.

I give them a call to see what my options are and a nice young gentleman gets me to go through all the usual restarting phone, updating settings etc.

So I call back 10 mins later and get some jumped up dickhead who sounds like an extra from Geordie shore.

Basically told me too bad in no uncertain terms, that I cant buy a signal booster and that I should switch off my 4G...

HELLO If I didn't need 4G I wouldn't have signed up in the first place.

You know when someone is being condescending and a total twat, and this guy was somebody I would like to drop a kettlebell or 2 on, from a very large height.

So I puts on the posh accent as you do when speaking to a non Scottish call centre.


Basically I he put me on hold and went and got his Geordie shore misses to come and take the call.

She was so cheeky and unhelpful and basically said there was no evidence despite the call dropping during our convo!!!

This added to the total outage of all my devices a few weeks back from the most reliable network.

So I threaten to quit and ask to speak to retention, the bitch then demands I pay over £1200 before even putting me through, WARNS me if I call back she will be waiting for me.

While this is going on I can hear the little twat laughing in the background.

I tell her I will be taking it further and will call back, thank you have a wonderful day sir she sarcastically taunts.

To say my blood was boiling is an understatement.

These global phone companies have you by the balls, they can do what they like with regards to service and then treat the customer like shit.

Lock you in to 2 year contracts and don't get me started on roaming charges the flights are normally cheaper than a phone call home or quick snoop on Facebook.

Great customer service is not hard but is uncommon, especially with larger organisations.

At Reactive Training we pride ourself on putting the customer first, in fact we call them friends.

We go out of our way to ensure that our friends feel valued, respected and get the best service possible.

Regular check ins on their progress, approachable staff, easy to contact, positive reinforcement, friendly and welcoming.

Thats just extra on top of our awesome training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

So if feeling valued, supported and results are important to you as they are to us then maybe it's time to ditch the mainstream gyms 😉

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Robert "Take A Deep Breath" Clarkson

P.S. Ive sent a written complaint and seriously considering quitting EE will keep you posted 😉